Hawks softball gets back-to-back wins in Conference opening weekend


Kainoa Nunez

Freshman pitcher Gabrielle Montaie on the mound in a win against Sac City on Feb. 24.

The softball team took on Sacramento City College at home in a doubleheader on Saturday. The first game started at 12 p.m. with the Hawks defeating the
Panthers 7-4.

The second game at 2 p.m. also ended in a victory, with the final score 7-5.

The Hawks hosted a previous matchup in a doubleheader that they won back-to-back against Lassen College, and the Panthers another conference rival came into this game by attacking first.

“Sac City is always a good team, so we knew it would be a close game when we started out here today,” Head Coach Kristy Schroeder said. “They always have pretty good hitters, so we were mainly focus on what we are capable of doing, and not so much on what they are doing.”

In the second game, Hawks pitcher/first baseman Gabrielle Montaie played all seven innings in the previous game against Lassen, where she threw a no hitter.

But she didn’t threw a no hitter game this time.

Hawks pitcher/first baseman Gabrielle Montaie played all seven innings in the previous game against Lassen, where she threw a no hitter.

Montaie’s performance started off strong in the first inning being scoreless; the Hawks were off to strong start.

“I was so on my game, but I just had some pitches left up, but other than that everything seemed pretty good,” Montaie said.

Center Fielder Amber Wright scored the first point of the game for the hawks after third baseman Taelor Ford hit a single into center field.

But Panthers outfielder Lexus Herron hits a homerun for 200 feet, and it was a three run score 3-1.

With the hawks up to bat, outfielders Saenn Powell and Cassandra Thomas both hit singles to get on base. Center Fielder Amber Wright hits a triple just short of a homerun, but took the lead 4-3.

In the fourth inning, the Panthers scored two more points to take the lead with 5-4, and Montaie had a struggle to end the inning, but she ended it with a strikeout.

““[Sac City] came out hard and ready to play, but we came with more energy,” Montaie said.

Hawks third baseman Taelor Ford and right fielder Cecilia Rivera both hit singles to get on base, and Powell got a double in left field for Ford and Rivera to score and taking the lead 6-5.

For the next two innings neither teams could not score, and the Panthers had opportunities to either take the lead or tie the game, but the Hawks prevented them with their defense and Montaie’s pitching.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, Thomas hits a single, and stole to get to third, and shortstop Korina Krueg hits a fly ball to sacrifice an easy out. But that allowed Thomas to steal for home and to add their lead making it 7-5.

“We just brought our bats really well today, we scored an opportunity when we really need the runs,” pitcher Ashleigh Berg said.

In the seventh and final inning, there was still time for the Panthers to get back in this game, but Montaie prevented the comeback for them to score.

Panthers got two hard hits that almost led to a homerun, but the Hawks caught both balls. Montaie had her final pitch by striking out and making it final 7-5.

“We fell behind in both games, and we end up coming back, so that was something that I was proud of,” Schroeder said. “We need everybody on our team to perform well, and today [they all] came together as one and got it done.”