Freshmen lead the way for swim team this season


Summer Lomendehe

Swim team getting ready for Big 8 Conference Women’s Swimming Championship at American River College on April 19

The Cosumnes River College women’s swimming team has accomplished a lot this season, which is nearing its end.

Head Coach Elizabeth Abrams said that they have managed to break seven team records this year.

“This season has been really dynamic,” Abrams said.

In addition to the team records, Autumn Petteway, the co-captain of the team, said that they have been beating their own swimming times.

“All of our girls have set personal records,” Petteway said.

Overall, Petteway said that it’s been a great season so far.

With two sophomore swimmers who will be graduating this year, Abrams said that the rest of the team is mostly comprised of freshmen swimmers.

“We’ve had the largest program since we started,” Abrams said.

Despite their different levels of swimming experience, Petteway said that they’re all encouraging of each other.

“We’re a helpful environment,” said Lorena Rettele, the captain of the team.

Rettele emphasized on how important it is for the team to bond in preparation for upcoming meets.

Rettele said that everyone attends the meets to support each other.

“There are a couple of girls who are injured, but they’re still at the meets,” Petteway said.

Abrams also said that going to the meets gives the team more opportunities to spend quality time together.

“Our team gets along pretty well,” Petteway said.

Petteway said the Las Positas Invitational held on March 24 was a turning point for the team, recalling how they performed despite everyone being sick and the weather being both rainy and sunny during the meet.

“We still did everything we were suppose to,” Petteway said.

Abrams listed Kaeryn Cruz as one of the swimmers on the team whose work ethic impresses her.

“In all my years as a coach, I have never seen somebody work harder than Kaeryn,” Abrams said.

Cruz, a freshman swimmer, said that she never swam competitively before she joined the team.

“She has learned so much,” Abrams said. “Her growth arc is greater than anyone on the team.”
Petteway also said that Kaeryn is the most “spirited” on their team. She further added that she’s always early to practice and rarely misses any.

“She continues to inspire us all with her hard work,” Petteway said.

The team is currently practicing for the Big 8 Conference which begins on April 19, according to the Hawks’ website.

“We are in the pool almost everyday,” Rettele said.

Petteway said that they practice six days a week, and later said that the training for this season has been “difficult.”

Moving forward, Rettele said that the team hopes to hit their personal records. Abrams said that the goal for them is to swim their best times, as well.

“If you end this season with personal bests and seven new records, it’s a successful season,” Abrams said.