Hawks look to keep up hot streak and finish the season strong


Kainoa Nunez

Hawks get together to discuss strategy ahead of the 2nd inning against Delta on April 3.

The Cosumnes River College softball team is bringing in the heat this 2018 spring season as their current win streak is at seven games.

The season has fared well for the softball team. The whole team has been unleashing their talent, making it hard for other schools to catch up.

“I feel pretty good about our team,” said Hawks’ pitcher Ashleigh Berg. “We have a lot of talent this year and we are doing pretty well right now.”

The team dominated the month of March. They had a total of nine wins out of 13 games last month. Some of the teams they went against were not on their level.

“Sometimes we play with teams with not as much talent and we do not put as much energy in the match as we could,” Hawks’ shortstop Korina Krueg said.

The team has won 12 conference games so far. This team is doing amazing. Being able to multitask is a necessity for student athletes.

These student athletes have to manage schoolwork, travel, a way to organize their time and ensure they have quality practice every week. The amount of dedication and effort these women have put into their softball career is inspiring.

Kristy Schroeder, head coach of the Hawk’s softball team, said “Getting into athletics is a great way to show your school spirit. The biggest thing is that athletics help with school pride.”

“I’m looking forward to making improvements on team chemistry,” Schroeder said. “You always want to, hopefully, continue to improve throughout the season and that’s something that I feel like we have been able to do.”

“Last couple outings our pitchers continued to do better and that’s a key to winning at this level. Our hitters have also been getting better throughout the season,” Schroeder said.

The team has won 19 out of 33 games so far. They have 7 more games left in this season. The team’s next game will be against Folsom Lake, which will be on campus on April 7.