Expectations are high for next years tennis team


Kainoa Nunez

Salma Prasad in a match versus College of the Sequoias on March 6. The young freshman team lost 8-1.

As tennis season comes to a close, the men’s and women’s tennis team continue to practice for the California State Community College Team Championships on April 25.

The team consisted of first year players and one returning player, as well as new head coach Eva De Mars and assistant coach Shawn Bha.

“They did well, given their inexperience at this level of play,” said De Mars.

De Mars has been playing tennis for over 15 years and Bha has been playing tennis for over 30 years and is head coach at Florin High School for two years.

“They [players] are very dedicated, actually the doubles team won the championship tournament and James [Cruze] got second place,” said Bha. “I want to come back next year because tennis is my secret lover.”

The women had an overall record of a 10 loss streak and the men had a loss streak of four while winning one game against Santa Rosa. Nevertheless, the teams practiced hard and gained skills and a stronger bond.

Freshman player Essie Bauldry said she enjoyed this season and will be coming back next semester.

“It was hard training, but it was worth it at the end,” said Bauldry. “Tennis is fun.”

Freshman player Hannah Dinkins said she will be coming back next season.

“They’re really good coaches. They make you want to try harder,” said Dinkins. “Shawn makes you work really hard.”

“She’s [De Mars] really enthusiastic, she’s funny and she’s a good teacher, she makes us want to come to practice,” said Dinkins.

Freshman player Nathan Sy will not be coming back next semester because he will be transferring schools, but he encourages students to “play hard, try hard.”

De Mars said she has high hopes for next season as the women’s team are expecting at least 10 players.

“We have high expectations for next year given the new recruits coming in,” De Mars said.

Freshman player Gorden Thao will be back next season because he enjoyed the guidance of the assistant coaches.

“The training was really good, they actually helped us a lot,” said Thao.“If you don’t run, then tennis isn’t the sport for you.”