This baseball season brought a new father son duo


Kainoa Nunez

JD Mico, on the left, and Don Mico talking to the umpire during the game versus Modesto Junior College on April 27.

This season the baseball team got two new additions, a new coach, Don Mico and a new infielder, his son JD Mico.

The coach player relationship is something that is new to both of them..

“It’s been a positive experience for me, I didn’t get to see him play much in high school,” said coach Mico.

In the beginning of the year I caught myself yelling at him more than others on the team, said Mico. He explained that he expects more out of his son than he does other players.

Mico said that there is a big difference between high school and college baseball that was something he noticed freshman on the team, including JD had to adapt to.

The difference is bigger, stronger, faster guys. The team worked hard and did their best every game said Mico.

Originally his son JD was supposed to play at University of the Pacific after graduating from McClatchy High School, but later decided it was a better decision to go to CRC and follow up with baseball here said coach Mico.

Other players did not have any issues with having the family aspect involved on the team, they didn’t really notice it.

“Honestly if I wasn’t told, I wouldn’t notice. Everybody treats everybody very fairly.” said Dean Lucas, outfielder. “He’s just a bit harder on him, just because he knows what he can get out of him and I think that is great. He pushes JD to do everything he needs to compete out here.”

Overall coach Mico was very proud of his son’s performance on the team. “As a dad I am proud to be able to coach him.”

The father-son duo tend to leave their baseball talk on the field and family related conversations for home said coach Mico.

JD Mico said that his dad was a large influence on him growing up and his interest in baseball.

“Yeah he was a very big influence. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had a bat or a glove or ball in my hand. I’ve always wanted to be like him, to be a baseball player.” said JD.