Hawks win comfortably in Big 8 matchup

 The Hawks’ women’s tennis team won their match against The College of Sequoias Giants on March 3 with an overall score of 7-2.

In one of the series, freshman players Jaquie Navarro and Britney Garcia won a doubles match with a score of 8-2. 

 “I felt pretty good, I felt like today I performed really well,” said Navarro. “Usually I’m really nervous during games but today I found that I wasn’t as nervous. I think it’s because we’ve been playing so many games, and as you play more games, you lose that nervousness.”

 In the singles match, Navarro won with scores of 6-1, 6-2 against the Giants’ player Montse Perera. Navarro won two of the three matches played.

Head Coach Eva De Mars said  The key in the victory was patience.

Assistant Coach David Dazhan said that “translating what players learn in practice to match play” is what ultimately improved the team’s performance.

Without a doubt, sophomore player Paola Zamora said what she enjoys about tennis is the competitiveness of the sport.

“I think I enjoy the competitiveness of it, not knowing if you’re going to be able to get the point but you’re still trying. It’s always kinda like just a back and forth match,” said Zamora. 

Freshman players Carina Liang and Bianca Henderson also competed in tie-breaker matches, losing one 8-10 and winning the other 10-3.

CRC’s next tennis match played at home is scheduled March 13 against the opposing Sacramento City College.

“I feel like I performed very good today. I feel like just perfecting my techniques. My coaches always tell me bend my knees, look at the ball, have patience as the coach said because patience is key. When I become impatient, I tend to hustle not really hustle, it’s just I get flustered so I swing really fast, you know just because you swing fast doesn’t mean the ball hits harder,” said Navarro