Thank You, Sports

Sports leagues across the country have shut down for an indefinite amount of time amid the coronavirus, ultimately striping America’s purest source of entertainment. In regards to when we may get to see our favorite team compete again, who knows.

On a typical, non-coronavirus day, your average die hard sports fan goes throughout their long and tedious day, comes home, watches ESPN or the pregame show, and enjoys watching their beloved team play in front of their eyes for a solid three hours. The perfect distraction to walk-off a long day of life.

On a typical coronavirus today, your average die hard sports fan wakes up, contemplates a spot on the wall, trying to find that distraction to get them through the day. After an unknown amount of time, that distraction is unfound and you are stuck with your responsibilities and your thoughts about your unknown future. Or maybe that is just me. 

We have all been affected by the coronavirus outbreak in one way or another and sports have been a main factor in how our younger generation has been affected.

In an attempt to fill the stomachs of sports-starved viewers, MLB Network, NHL Network, NFL Network, NBA TV and many other regional sports channels have started replaying classic games to keep our minds occupied. 

As we all go through this unmarked territory of history, the sports world has decided to rejuvenate many of its classic games and moments to keep us sports viewers occupied.

These classic games and moments help us reflect back on our favorite teams’ fondest memories while also focusing our minds on past memories instead of future uncertainty.

Some teams have even started using social media platforms to advertise their past games and are posting pictures and updates on the games as if they were in real time. 

With all of these past memories being surfaced around social media and on TV, I’ve personally found myself watching these games, watching past highlights and going through my teams social media pages during the games. As I assume many other die hard sports fans are doing as well. The perfect distraction.

Although many of us sports fans are saddened by these indefinite season suspensions, we can thank sports for pulling the plug for the foreseeable future. 

From a worldwide standpoint, pulling the plug on sports ultimately led to the coronavirus being publicized across all media channels around the world and it has helped the younger generation, including myself, to take the coronavirus more seriously. 

NBA players such as Kevin Durant, Ruby Gobert, Donavon Mitchell and Marcus Smart have all tested positive for the coronavirus. Although frightening, many athletes have used social media as a way to spread a positive message to sports fans by encouraging us to stay healthy, stay home, practice social distancing and to work together.

As America has attempted to resolve an issue that is ultimately an unfamiliar paradox, the sports world and community has done its best to send a nationwide message to our country all in an effort to rebound from this uncertain time in history.

From the bottom of our hearts, sports fans would like to thank sports for recreating our favorite memories, supplying us that perfect distraction to our day, sending a positive message to the younger generation about the coronavirus and for giving the coronavirus the necessary attention that it needs.

Thank you so much, said sports fans and everyone across the world. You’re welcome, said sports.