CRC women’s volleyball defeats Ohlone College


Zari Kumalo

The Cosumnes River College women’s volleyball team plays against Ohlone College on Sept. 15. The Hawks won in three sets, with each of them being 25-16, 25-22 and 27-25.

The Cosumnes River College women’s volleyball team won in three sets against Ohlone College on Sept. 15.
The Hawks, just a few games away from the volleyball conference, had a slow start in the first set, but were able to push through after about five to 10 points, taking the set 25-16.
“We tend to not come out super strong and so that’s something that we have been working on the first five points of every game,” Head Coach Kari Nahlen said.
As the second set started, both teams were determined, but took a timeout after reaching 19-19. A fierce battle resulted in the Hawks taking the set 25-22.
Freshman Capt. and sixth rotation Outside Hitter Aija Redding said she struggled with getting the ball over the net, but her team had her back, especially Freshman Outside Hitter Micah Stinson.
“I don’t know how many kills she got, but almost every time she touched the ball she got a kill,” Redding said. “That’s really what pushed us forward along with our serve receive.”
In the third set, rallies took place as both teams were trying to gain control, but Ohlone was not prepared for the kills and defense the Hawks delivered. As communication and energy increased, the Hawks took set three 27-25.
Redding along with Nahlen, gave credit to the Hawks other Capt. Sophomore Miah Williamson, whose position as middle, served as another great component to the win against Ohlone.
“She definitely got a lot of kills too,” Redding said. “Us having great defense paired with other great hitters, definitely showed we were the better team.”
Nahlen said Williamson has taken over matches for them “in game time and hard times.”
“We know we can give her the ball and she will score for our team, whether that be blocking or whether that be a kill with hitting,” Nahlen said. “She has really come through in many different aspects, in crunch times like that.”
Whenever it was neck and neck, Williamson would get into her position in the front row and run points up for her team.
Williamson said it’s a little bit challenging being in the middle position, but it’s been the only position she’s ever played so she’s used to it.
Knowing that her coach and her team looked to her was a lot of pressure, but it resulted in a challenging win in only three sets, which surprised Williamson.
“I like a little bit of pressure on me because it helps me perform better, but it’s never in a negative way,” Williamson said.
The Hawks kept fighting for a win even though earlier in the season, Nahlen said they didn’t have a lot of trust in each other.
“We actually are gelled as a team and we definitely trust each other so much more,” Nahlen said. “In every match that they trust each other, they’re going after the ball and going after points and they have gotten better and better.”
The Hawks next game will be against Lassen Community College on Sept. 24.