Hawks maintain their tournament momentum against Fresno City College


Rianne Herrera

The CRC men’s basketball team defeats Fresno City College on Friday. The score was 91-84.

The Hawks men’s basketball team beat the Fresno City College Rams 91-84 in a home game on Friday.
In their second game of the 42nd Annual James Clark Classic tournament, the Hawks recovered from a slow start against the Rams and managed to pull ahead in the second half.
Although the Hawks struggled with the Rams half court traps in the first half of the game, the team began to pick up momentum and win their second game of the weekend.
Freshman Guard Kyree Dunn set the pace for the rest of the game early on after shooting a three following a turnover from the Rams. It was not long before the Hawks were able to bridge the point gap against the Rams.
The team’s mood appeared to shift once they reached a stalemate with the Rams. Call outs became louder, passes became more frequent and the players became more aggressive in retrieving the ball after the Rams failed to make their shots.
It was Freshman Forward Dewitt Bullock who broke the 27-27 stalemate in the last nine minutes of the first half, ultimately turning the game in the Hawks’ favor.
The Hawks performance in the first half was followed by an even stronger display of skill in the second. Sophomore Guard Andre Huddleston played a great game in the second half, placing the Hawks at a 10 point lead for a quarter of the time left.
When the Rams began catching up with the Hawks, Sophomore Captain Dillon Iyawe pulled through in keeping the Hawks ahead with a series of consecutive and successful shots.
Even in the final seconds of the game, the Hawks kept up their pace and denied the Rams’ final attempts at bridging the gap in points, leading to another well deserved win for the Hawks.
The Connection was unable to get in contact with the men’s basketball team and coach for comments.