Collin Pregliasco awarded 2021 Athletic Director of the Year

Cosumnes River College Athletic Director Collin Pregliasco was named the 2021-22 Athletic Director of the Year.
Pregliasco shared his thoughts and his reaction when he received the award.
“My reaction was that I was very humbled and appreciated knowing that our staff took the time to go through the nomination process and it means a lot to me,” Pregliasco said.
There are some details about the award that describes what the director has done in order to receive it.
“The ADOY Award highlights the efforts of athletics directors at all levels for their commitment and positive contributions to student-athletes, campuses and their surrounding communities,” according to the Elk Grove Citizen website.
Pregliasco spoke about how he received the award.
“I opened up a press release on the website that our sports information director posted and it had my name on it,” Pregliasco said.

Pregliasco mentioned his ongoing plans for CRC athletes.
“Just to continue to build on what we already are doing, academically, athletically and all the support services that we provide,” Pregliasco said. “No matter if it’s mental health workshops, academic tutoring, counseling, coaching, etc.”
Pregliasco said that CRC has met a yearly GPA goal and is hoping to reach it this year.
“This year is the 4th semester where we have had a 3.0 GPA or better,” Pregliasco said.
Pregliasco spoke about some of the student support information, which was a part of him receiving the award.
“One of the things that was discussed was, ‘How do we keep our athletes engaged knowing that they were not back on campus until March 2021?’” Pregliasco said. “We made sure to get them in the right classes, kept them academically successful, team check-ins and it was done with a lot of help from dedicated coaches and staff that were willing to put in the time.”
Pregliasco said he was grateful for the amount of support he receives from the staff.
“We have such an amazing group of coaches and staff in our athletic department that were able to do what they could for our student athletes,” Pregliasco said.
Men’s Basketball Head Coach Jonathon James said he was proud of Pregliasco getting the award.
“I wasn’t surprised when he won, I was excited for him and I definitely believe that it was something that was well deserved,” James said.
James shared his experience working with Pregliasco.
“It’s a pleasure working with Collin,” James said. “I have learned so much from an administrative side and from a collegiate side for the athletic department at CRC and it’s been an honor working alongside him.”
Softball Head Coach Kristy Schroeder spoke about her reaction to Pregliasco receiving the award.
“My reaction was that it was fantastic and I was very excited for Collin when he got the award,” Schroeder said. “Over the past year and a half, it’s been really hard because of COVID and it was great because we were able to get softball and baseball going.