Hawks lose in final home game of the season to the Falcons


Emanuel Espinoza

Freshman point guard and co-captain Ashley Gonzalez attempting a pass during the Friday matchup against Folsom Lake College. The women’s basketball team’s final home game of the season ended in a loss with a score of 67-50.

The Cosumnes River College women’s basketball team struggled in their last home game of the season against the Folsom Lake College Falcons on Friday with a final score of 67-50.

Head Coach Samuel Kirby said that although the Hawks didn’t win, he was proud that his team competed and laid everything out on the line for themselves and for the college.

“In this last home game, they came out with a lot of energy, intensity, focus, aggressiveness and I couldn’t be more proud,” Kirby said. “We just picked up on the intensity and focus overall as a team. It was a team effort of us competing at the highest level we could have and the women did that.”

Throughout the first quarter, the Hawks displayed teamwork by passing the ball to their teammates in each possession. However, the Hawks weren’t able to capitalize on their first couple shooting attempts.

The first quarter ended with the Falcons leading by 12.

In the second quarter, the Hawks stepped up both on defense and offense and cut down the lead to three with the Falcons leading at the end of the first half with the score 30-27.

In the second half, the Falcons kept control of the ball and stepped up on offense by putting up 22 points in the third quarter while the Hawks continued to struggle on both sides of the ball.

The third quarter ended with a score of 52-37. Every time the Hawks scored, the Falcons were able to maintain momentum and answer back.

Freshman center Annie Garrison said the Hawks fought hard and played a good game. She said there were some improvements CRC made from the previous game they played against FLC such as playing as a team and fighting to the end.

“I feel like as a team, sometimes our attitude declines with our frustrations in not winning,” Garrison said. “We do fix it and become connected again, but sometimes it’s hard that we get disconnected as a team.”

Despite the Hawks’ loss, freshman point guard and co-captain Ashley Gonzalez said there was a lot of communication made by the Hawks on the court and that the defense was great. Gonzalez said the team could have won the game, but things didn’t go their way in the second half.

“It’s just a lesson to learn,” Gonzalez said. “I think from now on, we will keep getting better. As a team, just keep shooting the ball and sharing the ball, the shots will eventually get there.”

Kirby said some improvements the Hawks could have displayed on the court were communication and possession.

“Communication is always something we could get better at, making sure everyone is on the same page,” Kirby said. “Another is improvement on possession, too. Making sure that we’re all understanding what our game plan is.”