Lakers: Why pass on the greatest?

With one of the best records in NBA history, it’s kind of hard to imagine the Lakers having problems on the court.

Firing Mike Brown, the worst coach that the Lakers have ever had, seemed like a good move to get back to the championship record that they once had decades before.

When you think of this team and its record you can’t help but to put Phil Jackson in the equation.

He has helped the team progress for years and is considered one of the greatest head coaches in NBA history.

How can you go to someone and beg them to come back and help the team, then take it back? Once Jackson  is willing to accept the request, lakers’ management goes behind the back of not only the Lakers’ players but the fans and hire a mediocre coach instead.

According to a 2012 article from NBC Southern California, Jackson was ready to accept the position after he was originally told the job was his to turn down.

He had  planned on sending his agent to negotiate with the Lakers on November 12, but management never gave him that chance. Why?

Instead the management goes with Mike D’Antoni.

The 61-year-old, ex Knicks head coach who is recovering from knee surgery.

D’Antoni isn’t the worst coach that has graced the sidelines, but he is nothing compared to the legendary 11-time NBA champion.

The Lakers’ organization met with Jackson as a gesture to the fans who “desperately screamed for his comeback”, according to NBC Southern California.

D’Antoni got the high-profile job only after the club’s top brass extensively discussed the job with former Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

So the real question is why go with the second choice?

D’Antoni’s coaching career is nothing compared to the the legend.

D’Antoni coached New York to just one playoff appearance and no postseason victories.
He also coached the Denver Nuggets during the lockout-shortened 1998-99 season.

Now seeing nothing major has happened in the Lakers game on the court since the new coach, one may wonder if the Lakers’ management realized that they made the wrong choice.

I for sure know that they have.

Its going to take time for the Lakers to become a team to be reckoned with again.

If you ask me, if Jackson asked for a crazy amount of money and to coach the team via Skype the Lakers should of took him back.

In the long run we will be left with a struggling team with disappointed fans.