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Yi Lor, 22, a biology major solves a complex integral in the first round of the competition.

Students compete in CRC’s 10th annual Integration Bee

April 9, 2014

Cosumnes River College students who enrolled in Calculus I or higher competed in the 10th annual Integration...

An Apple a day keeps user away

Latisha Gibson, Connection Staff

December 15, 2012

Dear Apple, You suck! You tried so hard to be different with your sleek screen and multiple applications that your phone provides but now you’re losing your touch. Android comes out with an upgraded phone and tablet almost every month and now they came out with a phone and tablet that is giving you a run for you money. Don’t...

Results driven attitude is harmful to college sports

Mozes Zarate, Connection Staff

October 30, 2012

Sports have never been for me. I’m an uncoordinated kid, physically. My arms are too slow to throw a good pitch, and my legs are too stiff to outrun anyone. I’m a pacifist, so trampling a guy in order to take control of a situation has never been my craving. Most of all, I’ve never been overly competitive or stru...

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