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Pro/Con: Government and guns, an eternal debate

Jonathan Rich & Josh Slowiczek, Connection Staff

February 1, 2013

Filed under Current Affairs, Opinion

By Jonathan Rich Cold, hard steel ejecting copper shells and sending hot lead down range is a thrill and a way of life for most of us Americans who choose to use our right to bare arms. Smith and Wesson, Colt, Kimber and Remington are just a few of the companies that make up a $32 billion industry that supply me with all ...

Proposition 34: Sends wrong message to criminals

Brittany Patrick, Connection Staff

October 31, 2012

Filed under Opinion

Every life is invaluable. No life is more or less important than another. Life is gift to be cherished and the taking of a life is wrong and selfish. What would you say to the families whose loved ones have been put into the ground too soon? To the parents who have buried their children? That their loved ones are not ...

Proposition 34 just makes sense for California

Zach Hannigan, Connection Staff

October 31, 2012

Filed under Opinion

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Both are sayings that we are familiar with and commonly use ourselves. But what if you were given a chance to put your money where your mouth is? Proposition 34 asks Californians to repeal the death penalty as the maximum punishment for...

Conflicting Opinions: Celebrating different ethnicities keeps racism an issue

Johny Garcia, Connection Staff

May 6, 2011

Filed under Opinion

Cultural celebration months seem honorable at first glance. The goals are to appreciate how diverse of a country we are, which is honorable to say the least. These months often break down stereotypes, teach people something they didn't know about a specific group of people and promote cultural pride. Unfortunately, they...

Conflicting Opinions: Celebrating different ethnicities promotes unity

David Obisanya, Connection Staff

May 6, 2011

Filed under Opinion

There are those who claim that reminding us of our differences is what divides us as a nation. There are even those who would go so far as to call it racist because you're exalting one ethnicity above another. These arguments are ridiculous. Celebrating our differences doesn't divide us—it encourages people of all walks...

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