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Ebooks and textbooks alike are available in the CRC bookstore.

Online textbooks have many benefits for students

September 4, 2018

California Gov. Jerry Brown approved Assembly Bill 2385 on Aug. 27, which is aimed at reducing text...

Buying used or new textbooks, or renting them, from the college bookstore is just one option students have for gaining the textbooks they need.

Cheap textbook seeking students have various options at their disposal

August 25, 2014

College is one of the most expensive endeavors in a person’s life, and while getting an education will...

Top ten tips for navigating the first week of school

Top ten tips for navigating the first week of school

August 24, 2014

The first day of classes tends to be a hectic and difficult time, whether it’s your first semester...

Making ends meet: Textbook Edition

Making ends meet: Textbook Edition

Scott Redmond, Staff Writer

January 31, 2014

The winter holidays have passed, along with the decision making on what gifts to give, where to vacation a...

Bookstore and Foundation to raffle off textbook scholarships for students

Emily Collins, Staff Writer

August 30, 2013

Most students could use a helping hand when it comes to covering the cost of textbooks and supplies and 25 students will get that opportunity on Wednesday. The Cosumnes River College Foundation and the Hawks Nest bookstore will be awarding textbook scholarships in the form of a gift card to the bookstore worth $300 each. T...

Students find shortcuts on a small budget

Joshua Lee, Connection Staff

October 18, 2012

Being a college student isn't as easy as it used to be, nor is it as cheap. According to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, funding for California community colleges has been cut by $809 million, causing tuition to go up and making it difficult for students to pay school tuition while working. “It's...

Gov. Jerry Brown signs California Senate Bills for free textbooks

Josh Slowiczek, Connection Staff

September 27, 2012

The government wants to help students get free textbooks for their classes. Gov. Jerry Brown signed California Senate Bill 1052 and 1053 on Sept 27., two bills which place into motion a project that will “establish development of open source digital textbooks for 50 lower division courses which students can electronically...

Students find various ways to get textbooks

Takara Campbell, Connection Staff

October 19, 2011

With college tuition on the rise, many students are strapped for cash. And according to a survey released by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, seven in 10 students are unable or unwilling to raise enough funds to buy books, something that every student needs. Students at Cosumnes River College had various ways of getting...

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