Hawks Nest Bookstore continues to offer in-person services


Asyah Zamani

The Hawks Nest bookstore is open to students. The services that are available are in-store shopping, textbook pickup and delivery by mail.

The Hawks Nest bookstore has remained open for in-person shopping to students during the first two weeks of the term as most of the campus moved to online operations.
The services that are available to students are in-store shopping, textbook pickup and textbook delivery by mail. The only service that is not available is curbside pickup.
“They can come in here and shop with their book list, they can come in here to in-store pickup if they order to have their book picked up at CRC,” said Bookstore Manager Carolyn Evans.
Evans said online ordering is still available for students and they can purchase their textbooks at Losriosstore.com.
“They can pick it up at any of the campuses, they can choose to pick it up here, at American River College, at Sac City or at Folsom Lake College,” Evans said. “It’s their choice.”
Bookstore Course Materials Manager Tymofii Vehera Los said there are different types of textbooks that students can return to the bookstore in person.
He added that for hardcovers, in order to get a refund or to return it, you must show your receipt and photo ID.
“For the loose leafs, we can accept a loose leaf version of it like anything that was shrink wrapped only if it’s in the shrink wrap, if you open it, we cannot return it at all,” Vehera Los said.
Vehera Los said students can also mail back their textbooks to the bookstore if they do an online purchase.
“When you order online, you will get a printable copy of the receipt and that receipt has all that information and return policy and due dates and anything that you need to know in order to get a refund or return the item,” Vehera Los said.
He also said the bookstore being opened helps students because they want to come to the bookstore in person and get their books as soon as possible.
“We have a reduced amount of people walking in, so I would say it’s still safe for people, we still keep social distancing,” Vehera Los said. “We are still in compliance with any CDC regulations about COVID social distancing.”
Starting next week, the bookstore hours will be Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will remain this way for the rest of the semester.