Campus event celebrates veterans with games, treats and fun


Kainoa Nunez

Veterans attend event hosted by The Veteran’s Resource Center in honor of them.

The Veterans Resource Center put on an amazing event for the Cosumnes River College  veterans and their families on Friday in honor of Veterans Day.

The event started out with a color guard group who presented the American flag, while everyone stood for the national anthem. CRC veterans and their families came to show their support.

“Today’s event is a celebration honoring the service that our service members have given to us,” said Denize Figueroa, degree auditor for the VRC.

The CRC veterans and their families were treated to a buffet-style lunch and Sacramento Kings tickets. Most were very happy with the event and all the support they receive from the VRC here on campus.

“I like the fact that they are acknowledging the people who have served; I really appreciate what CRC is doing for us,” said Charles Young Jr., 47, a human services major and veteran.

Once the event was in full swing, the veterans played a military-themed trivia game, which made everyone reminisce about the good old days of their time in the military. Things did, however, get competitive between the different branches, but it was all in good fun. The veterans enjoyed the photo booth, and gift baskets were raffled off. The event also featured recruitment information for anyone interested in joining the military.

The event was a display of the bond between all the CRC veterans on campus. Everyone seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. The atmosphere was full of love and support for one another.

“We are more of a tight-knit family; we know we are veterans,” said Pam Courson, VRC student worker and veteran. “It’s easier to put your guard down and to connect on a different level than we would with our other classmates.”

The VRC tries to put on similar events throughout the year for the CRC veterans and their families for all the major holidays, but Friday’s event was extra special because it was a day to celebrate and show appreciation, Courson said.

“One of the main things is to let our students know that even though you are not in the service anymore and are now a civilian, we still remember you are a veteran,” Courson said. “We want to thank you.We want you to know you are appreciated.”

If you are a CRC veteran and looking for more information on veteran services, stop by the VRC in the College Center Building on Tuesday through Thursday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. or call (916) 691-7455. The VRC is closed Fridays and Mondays.