Crime bulletin released in regards to armed robbery


Mariana Sanchez

The Los Rios Police Department sent out a crime bulletin Monday morning regarding an armed robbery incident. It took place near the intersection of Calvine and Center Parkway, just off the CRC campus perimeter.

An armed robbery occurred Monday morning approximately at 10:40 a.m. near the South West perimeter of Cosumnes River College. 

The Los Rios Police Department sent out an email informing CRC students about the incident, a description of the suspects, and tips on how to stay safe.

“I would recommend people keep their eyes open, if you see something say something,” said CRC Campus Police Captain Jinky-Jay Lampano. “Try and be in pairs, not walking alone.” 

Two subjects armed with handguns robbed a male adult and fled the scene on foot going westbound on Calvine Road, according to the crime bulletin sent out to students.

“I have a lot of faith in our police department,” said Alyssa Fletcher, a 20-year-old accounting major. “I’ve spoken with them, and they’re really good at their job and care about what it is they are doing.”

The crime bulletin suggests that students download the Rave Guardian app in order to be connected with the LRPD. The app offers resources to students in order to make them feel safe. 

Through the app, students can chat with or call the LRPD, call 911, read over the safety resources and use the safety timers feature.

“Even if you had police on every corner, it would still happen somewhere else,” said Margo Selivzhytskaya, a 21-year-old design major. “I still feel pretty safe here. I always see plenty of officers walking around the campus.”

The LRPD advises students to keep high value items out of sight, stay alert of their surroundings, to travel in groups, to walk and park in well-lit areas. 

Students who have any information regarding the incident that occured Monday morning are encouraged to contact the LRPD at (916) 558-2221.

“I’ve had a friend who was robbed in the past, so I know how rough it can be,” said Fletcher. “If you see something, say something.”