Film enthusiasts make predictions for the Oscars


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Television host Jimmy Kimmel will be the host of the 95th Academy Awards on Sunday. “Everything Everywhere All at Once” recieved the most nominations with 11.

The 95th Academy Awards event is drawing near with it set to air on ABC on Sunday.

Leading up to the awards show, Film and Media Studies Professor Adam Wadenius and his students said their thoughts on who will win on Hollywood’s biggest night. Wadenius said he’s between two films to win Best Picture and isn’t sure which one to pick yet.

“‘Top Gun’ is the film that kind of ushered back blockbuster cinema and so let’s give it Best Picture because Hollywood movies are back,” Wadenius said. “As opposed to ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once,’ that’s more an art film and art films are more about theme, emotion and character and it’s a film that details a woman going through a number of different obstacles and she has to occupy her multiple perspectives as she goes along.”

Eighteen-year-old film and media studies major Nora Barnes agreed with Wadenius on picking between the same two films for Best Picture.

“I honestly am willing to predict that it’s either gonna be ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ or ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’” Barnes said. “Because ‘Top Gun’ is a fan favorite, everybody loves that movie and I’ve heard good things about ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once.’”

However, 23-year-old film and media studies major Kimnoi Carnell said a different film would win.

“Best Picture, I would say ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,’” Carnell said. “I love ‘Black Panther’ just by the way it is created, like it’s more action.”

Carnell also shared her thoughts on who should win Best Supporting Actress.

“I really think that Angela Bassett deserves to win this nominee award because of how she made sure that she put effort in how she portrayed her role in ‘Black Panther,’” Carnell said.

Barnes and Wadenius agreed with each other on actor Ke Huy Quan to win Best Supporting Actor. Quan was a child actor and was in films such as “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and “The Goonies” and made his return to acting as an adult in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

“Ke Huy Quan will win for ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’, for an honorary Oscar for somebody who was a child actor who didn’t do many films,” Wadenius said.

Barnes mentioned actor Brendan Fraser for the Best Actor award.

“Brendan Fraser does such a good job of really portraying the character because in the movie ‘The Whale,’ it’s about eating disorders and he really has to get into the deep emotions and all the subtle things that come with it,” Barnes said.

Carnell said a different nominee would take home Best Actor.

“Leading actor, ‘Elvis,’ Austin Butler,” Carnell said. “He did a phenomenal job in that bill.”