Drugstore CVS takes inappropriate steps to find short cut in costs for health insurance

Latisha Gibson, Connection Staff

Since when has it been a workplace responsibility to know how much you weigh?

The drugstore chain CVS wants employees to share how much they weigh or the have to pay up.

CVS is finding a cheaper route to give employees health insurance.To keep the cost of health insurance low, workers have to give up not only their weight but also their height, body fat and other personal information for health insurance purposes, according to the Fox News website.

This is just completely disrespectful.

That’s like employers asking women if they are on birth control or even asking a person what their sexual preference is.

If a person doesn’t want to tell others how much they weigh, they shouldn’t be fined 600 dollars annually for keeping their personal business to themselves.

That is just plain wrong and cheap.

With Obamacare rearing its head in the wake of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act which will be completely enforced by 2014, employers can’t punish their employees for wanting to keep certain parts of their personal life to themselves just to help their employers save a dollar.

The weight of a person has nothing to do with performing the duties of the job, nor is the other information that CVS is requiring their employees to give up.

How I see it is the company has become angry due to the mandatory health insurance clause that has been embedded that all Americans receive Obama Care and they making the employees pay up so they won’t have too.

What is the real reason for the management to take their power and disrespect their employees?

The guidelines of the health insurance plan is against the law, according to CBS San Francisco.

Employees must also be tobacco free or they must enroll in an addiction program.

Since when did cigarettes become the new cocaine or heroin to make you go through an addiction program?

There are many people in the world that smoke, so to tell a person you cant do something that isn’t against the law isn’t going to go smoothly with anyone.

Forcing a person to go to addiction counseling is going to make a person quit.

CVS needs to go back to the drawing table and find another way to save money and give their employees the health insurance that is needed.

All I see in this company’s future are some angry employees and bruised up managers.