Freecycle website provides an eco-friendly and cost-efficient way to online shop

Naqshe Tahirkheli, Staff Writer

With so many new apps, websites and technology being introduced to students everyday, it can be difficult to know what is worth taking a look at and what is not.

Freecycle Network has a website called  that allows the public to dispose of items that are no longer need, by giving them away for free through the website.

“I would sign up for this offer,” said student Malaak Allathkani, 19, a health education major. “It’s free, so why not? Also it’s good to recycle instead of throwing and wasting things.”

To sign up, go to the website and enter an email address to receive access to items up for grabs in the area.  The main goal of this network is to promote waste reduction and help save landscape from being taken over by landfills, according to Freecycle’s website.

It’s free, so why not? Also it’s good to recycle instead of throwing and wasting things.”

— 19-year-old health education major Malaak Allathkani

Made up of 5,156 groups, with over 8 million members worldwide, the site is all about reusing what we have by giving it away to others who may find the item useful.

“I have so much things that I don’t need but I know it may be helpful to others,” said Amerah Edais, 19, an anthropology major. “If it helps others, then I think this concept is amazing and definitely worth trying.”

Freecycle allows users to pick groups that best fit their wants and that are in their geographical location. It’s a great way to get rid of unwanted items and gain others.

Though the perks of this website are that it’s free and eco friendly, not everyone is fond of it. But, with thousands of users and positive reviews  as shown on website, the negativity doesn’t seem to have any effect on the developments of the project.

“I personally would not use it,” said Noor Zeb, 17, an undeclared major. “I don’t think I would feel safe on a website and connect with people that I don’t know, it’s like a free craigslist.” is about helping others while being helped.

While support for Freecycle varies, their main goals are to make the world a better place.