UC schools propose transfer program for 10 majors

The University of California has created an easier transfer road map into the nine undergraduate campuses.

University of California President Janet Napolitano, introduced the UC transfer Pathways on July 7, with the purpose that they would provide a step by step guide of requirements for a student’s specific major.

The UC Pathways are only applicable to the top 10 majors: anthropology, molecular biology, mathematics, sociology, biology,biochemistry, economics, cell biology, chemistry, and physics. However, it will be implementing 11 other majors later in the year.

“It’s[Pathways]basically here’s what you need to do to go get into the nine undergraduate campuses,” said one of the spokespersons for the office of the president, Kate Mosser. “It’s a major step in simplifying the process of transferring.”

Mosser described the Pathways as a set of expectations and courses to take in conjunction with the requirements of a major.

CRC is currently in its infancy stage with the Pathways.

The Pathways have not been implemented yet, but CRC is still in communications with the University of California.

The communication between CC’s and UC’s has never been a problem, said Torence Powell, CRC associate vice president of instruction & student learning

“There is regular contact between the main University Office of the President and our district, and various UC’s to stay updated,” Powell said.

There have been many conferences and meetings between the counselors and officials supporting the Pathways, Powell said..

“I think that would definitely help a lot of students here because a lot of students do come here looking to transfer,” said Esperanza Romo, a 20-year-old biology major. “I think it’s a great way to get more students in and out as soon as possible.”

According to the University of California’s website, the program hopes to admit one transfer student for every two freshmen. As well as possibly increasing the rate of graduation from CC and from UC as an upper-division transfer.

“That kind of makes me happy,” said Cynthia Weese-Henson, a 29-year-old molecular cell-biology major. “I have a general idea of what I need to take, but it would be nice to have a clear-cut Pathway so I could take what is necessary.”

More information on the University of California 10 Pathway majors can be found on the University of California main website.