Cost effective ways to get textbooks for the semester


Kai Nunez

Students crowd around over at the Hawk Spot to collect their textbooks for the spring semester.

It’s the beginning of the semester, and we’ve already gone through the hassle of selecting our classes. ow we have to deal with the next problem: getting our textbooks. As students, we’ve probably already applied to financial aid, but it just hasn’t kicked in yet, so we need to be a bit cost-conscious on what we purchase. For some classes, it’s going to be a bit of a challenge to find some books for cheap, but for the most part, they can be bought online second-hand. Here are eight more websites besides eBay and Amazon that you can visit:

  • They offer free shipping as well as have about 60,000 used textbooks online for you to peruse!
  • They have fast delivery and offer book rentals as well as purchase.
  • One of the biggest and most commonly used sites for textbooks. They provide rare and out-of-print books with a 30-day return guarantee.
  • They have a handy search bar that allows you to search for not only the International Standard Book Number, the licensed book’s code number, but also organizes them by author and quality. They bring their selection up by posting their vendors whether it’s through Barnes & Noble or eBay.
  • They offerup to 90 percent off their textbooks as well as 21 days to return. They’ll also hook you up with a free four weeks of Chegg Study, which will make cramming easier by offering extra assistance to your studies.
  • Having 150 million titles within their library, you can search their archives for a title you need for class. If a book isn’t available on the actual website, they offer alternative sellers that also tell you where the title will be shipping from.
  • They have a specific section that rounds up books that are eligible for free shipping.
  • Featured on The New York Times and CBS News, it has some notoriety of being another go-to by students who want to save up on cash. This site offers savings up to 95 percent off your book purchases.

And if you’re someone that doesn’t feel comfortable with purchasing outside of Amazon or eBay, here are some tips for safer shopping:

  •      Always check the seller’s ratings.
  •      Check the comments or feedback on the seller’s profile or items that they’re selling.
  •      To make things easier, try shopping with sellers that are within the U.S.
  •      Never go for the first option you see! Keep looking and you’re bound to find something that’s cheaper.
  •      Never underestimate the power of renting. On Amazon, renting textbooks vary from physical and eBook formats. Amazon calculates the price depending on how long the student wants to use it for, and more often than not, this can result in a huge difference in price compared to its original price. It’s convenient for people who need books in a quick pinch and don’t want to hold on to their books after the end of the semester.

Now that you have some recommendations, go and shop!