Online college to help workers without degree


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Governor Jerry Brown proposed $100 million as a financial start-up to create community college for workers without higher education.

Cosumnes River College Distance Education Coordinator Gregory Beyrer said that Brown proposed $20 million annually in addition to the $100 million start-up.

According to an article from the National Public Radio, the aim of the online community college is to be able to offer working adults who have high school diplomas with associate degrees that fit their line of work or trade without hindering their schedule.

“The Jerry Brown Online Community College is not for transfer education,” said Beyrer. “What JBOCC’s intent is giving a lot of attention to career and tech education and offer those classes online.”

According to the proposal from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, the argument for this proposal is that the online community college is the way to reach working individuals.d By getting a degree, they could increase their income by about $5000 more. However, there are a few problems that could surface during the creation of JBOCC. Beyrer said that “there is a potential for competition” for currently established online classes in a traditional college.

“It is possible that those perspective students will have a choice between taking a class in a traditional college and this new online college,” said Beyrer. “However, I will say that competition already exists.”

There are potentially 8.7 million adults between the ages of 25 to 65 years could benefit from this online college, according to the proposal fact sheet.

“I think this college is a good idea,” said 19-year-old nursing student Cynthia Harbott. “The best aspect of it is that people will formally be recognized for a trade they had been doing for years.”

Since this will be funded through the state budget, some people have a few concerns about JBOCC’s cost.

“It depends on how much it is will determine on how I feel about it,” said 49-year-old father of a CRC student Nathan Howard. “I don’t necessarily think that they need to have a degree to prove it, but a piece of paper does validate to prospective clients that they have the ability to do their job.”