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Many students see extended stay at community college due to major uncertainty, studies find

Carlos Arreola, Guest Writer

The rising pressure to receive a college education, and the stress associated with it, have been feelings 20-year-old Chertsa Yang has become well acquainted with as he prepares to finish his third year at Cosumnes River College, still an undeclared major. The expectation of at least earning a bachelor’s degree may be the reason why students like...  Read More »

May 18, 2015

Professor exhibits photos of Europe

Courtesy Photo

Professor Jim West is showing his photos of Europe at the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center on 2015 J St. until Sept. 5.

Professor exhibits photos of Europe

Nicole Goodie, Staff

As a child, did you ever wonder where teachers went when you weren’t in school? Now you can see through the eyes of Cosumnes River College photography professor Jim West in his photo exhibit “Summers in Europe.” West had an opening reception of the showcase on Aug. 8 at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center where students, art enthusiasts and ...  Read More »

August 25, 2015

Hawk talk: Blood drive

Debunking credit card fear: credit cards are necessary for college students

Taylor Gomez, Staff Writer

Credit cards have been shunned with a negative stigma and fear by college students. With student loans hanging over their head, most college students completely reject the idea of opening up credit cards in fear of adding to their already-existing debt. Contrary to popular belief, credit cards are absolutely necessary for most college students. It...  Read More »

May 20, 2015 • 0 comments

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