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Bomb threat raises concern for student safety

Jannah Khalil, Staff

An emergency evacuation of the library building at Cosumnes River College occurred due to a bomb threat issued on March 29. Students and faculty who were present during the bomb threat or were having class during the library building evacuation had to undergo some quick decision-making on what to do in the situation. “I think in the moment...

April 19, 2017

  • Students learn about Kokoro: the lost Japantown in Downtown Sacramento April 19, 2017
  • OneBook Author Richard Louv speaks on the importance of balancing nature and technology April 18, 2017
  • Writer’s conference coming to campus, focus on finding humor in Our Life Stories April 18, 2017

Music apps offer more methods to pay and play

Kristine Yabumoto, Staff

Music is a necessity; to work out, to drive to work, to get through hard times. It’s rare that someone doesn’t have an Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora or SoundCloud account. But which platform is the best? Apple Music was created in June of 2015 and has taken off ever since. Verto Index, a website that rates top performers and stickiness of apps,...

April 24, 2017

Leadership is key to a functioning government whether it’s by one or many

Jared Lee, Editor

It would be hard to deny that leaders are prominent parts of our world. From a school club to the governments of world superpowers, leaders are an integral part of how humans live. But are they truly as essential as we’ve decided they are? Would we be better off without them? It’s difficult to say with absolute certainty because leaders have become ...

April 24, 2017No Comments

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The award-winning news site of Cosumnes River College
The award-winning news site of Cosumnes River College