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Ford ASSET program provides students with hands-on training

Ashley Navarro and Stan Smith

From veterinary technology to architectural design technology, Cosumnes River College offers a wide variety of vocational programs. One unique program is the Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training program. The Ford ASSET program prepares students to become technicians for either Ford or Lincoln dealerships within a two-year perio...

March 29

  • Speaker addresses misconceptions of Islam March 27
  • Student caffeine use delivers mixed results March 27
  • San Francisco’s free tuition inspires Los Rios March 27

Campus crimes are a reminder to be cautious

Missy Amaya and Justin Cordero

As emailed bulletins about crimes committed at Cosumnes River College circulate, students have begun to realize that they should be more cautious when alone on campus. Many college students, especially freshmen, like to believe that the campus is a completely safe place where nothing bad can happen to them. Most of them are shocked to receive em...

March 21

  • Media blurs the line between empowerment and sexualization March 21
  • Theatre production of ‘Arcadia’ is filled with chemistry March 21
  • The Shins experiment with sound in new album March 21
Without funding, how will the Earth survive?

Without funding, how will the Earth survive?

Editorial Staff

It is impossible to ignore the impact that we as humans have on our environment, whether that be obvious, like city expansion or construction of oil rigs, or invisible (and, some would argue, nonexistent), like greenhouse gases and carbon monoxide emissions that we produce day to day.   And with this impossible ability to ignore the effects of our na...

March 27No Comments

  • The earth is a shared ecosystem and we need to think of it as one March 22
  • Political satire and comical criticism keeps the people’s voice alive March 8
  • Equality and feminism are still at war March 8

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The award-winning news site of Cosumnes River College
The award-winning news site of Cosumnes River College