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Legal drinking age should not change because of survey

Heather kemp, Staff Writer

April 12, 2014

Do you remember that time when 100 college presidents signed a petition saying that the legal drinking age being 21 is not working? This sounds like a plot to a teen comedy that would rake in big bucks at the box office. If it ever was made into a movie, it would be based on true events because this actually happened. In 2009, t...

Re: ‘Vehicular theft decreases as bike theft increases’

Davina Vo, Reader

April 12, 2014

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to the article from March 16 about bicycle thefts.  It made me recall a conversation with a classmate who recently had his bike stolen on campus.  I suggested that he keep an eye out for it on Craigslist because that's where many thieves go to try and resell something.  After all, it...

Re: ‘University study highlights prevalence of rape culture’

Daniel Kolosovski and Salwa Mikbel

April 12, 2014

Dear Editor, Although I do agree that currently in the United States we have a rape culture and tend to blame the victims, it is not the fault of "joking" around. As comedian, Louis C.K., said, "Any joke about anything bad is great." Only a person who has immoral values or no values at all, who is also psychotic, can hear...

Re: ‘Distracted driving puts others’ lives at risk’

Caesar Espinoza, Ray Hernandez, and Christian Matar

April 12, 2014

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to an article about distracted driving, written by Kayla Gangl. In the article, Gangl talks about the fast-growing epidemic of distracted driving. I specifically liked how Gangl states that distracted driving doesn’t just consist of using a phone but it is “anything that diverts...

Editorial: Bachelors degrees belong at community colleges

Editorial Staff

April 12, 2014

From an impressive architecture program housed in the Winn Center, which a former student helped design, and a cutting edge photography program that includes an associate degree and multiple certificate programs, CRC is one of the premiere colleges that should add a new program to its already large list of impressive offering...

Split Decision: The tattoo and career debate rages on

Split Decision: The tattoo and career debate rages on

April 9, 2014

Pro: Rachel Norris Here we go again. The never-ending charade about how tattoos are tacky and do absolutel...

Distracted driving puts others’ lives at risk

Distracted driving puts others’ lives at risk

March 28, 2014

There is a killer on the loose.  One that can change the lives of people in the blink of an eye, or...

Blaming victims of bullying is never the right course of action

Scott Redmond, Staff Writer

March 27, 2014

Imagine that someone just burst into your house and beat you and stole a bunch of your stuff. When the police arrive, their only response to you is that you should not have such nice stuff. I bet that wouldn’t feel good at all. This same victim blaming has plagued those who have been raped, and now it is spreading towards...

Editorial: College campuses must do more when it comes to sexual assault

Editorial Staff

March 27, 2014

There is no question that being sexually assaulted will forever traumatize a person for the rest of his or her life. Unfortunately, 84 percent of the women who reported sexual abuse experienced the incident during their first four semesters on a college campus, according to an examination of sexual violence against college women...

Discussing free community college would lead to more issues for California

Bobby Bishop, Staff Writer

March 26, 2014

Free, everyone loves the word free, it means people don’t have to pay for something. But what does it mean when community college is free? Debt, crowded campuses and a more expensive four-year college.  California lawmakers are considering free community college and it will be discussed in 2015, according to ABC News. ...

Additonal fees do nothing but punish students

Additonal fees do nothing but punish students

March 12, 2014

The cry to end the seemingly never ending  increases in tuition has shifted, as schools in the Calif...

Methodist churches show level of acceptance to gay community

Jelina Cortero, Staff Writer

March 11, 2014

For years, members of the gay and lesbian community have been fighting for their right to marry their significant others, but because of the religious views of the church, the right to a same-sex marriage has been a constant battle. But not anymore. Thirty Methodist churches have taken their stand against the rights that...

Traditional classroom setting better for students than online classes

Traditional classroom setting better for students than online classes

March 3, 2014

Imagine lying in bed in the morning with your pajamas on and not having to get up and rush to get rea...

Exploring smoking ban is waste of time for Sacramento

Editorial Staff

February 28, 2014

Thinking about transferring to Sacramento State or UC Davis? If you’re a smoker, it might not be the best idea. UC Davis, and the University of California system as a whole, has banned smoking on their campus and all satellite campuses. Sacramento State voted to start a ban in 2015. Now the city of Sacramento is considering ...

‘Affluenza’ condition is another way to protect the wealthy

Greg Prouty, Staff Writer

February 21, 2014

If there was ever any illusion that the justice system in America treated everyone equally, the case of Ethan Couch is a grave awakening to us all. Couch, a 16-year-old Texas teenager, born to a millionaire family, killed four people while drunk driving. Couch was driving down a rural road at 70 mph three times over the legal...

Digital currency isn’t coming, it’s already here

Digital currency isn’t coming, it’s already here

February 20, 2014

Bitcoin, an innovative, electronic form of currency, is a viable form of money ready to be used with...

Innocent until proven guilty isn’t just for Woody Allen

Kaley Andrews, Staff Writer

February 19, 2014

In the 1990s, movie director and comedian Woody Allen faced allegations of molestation of an adopted daughter, allegations that were subsequently dropped both in court and, it seems from the public eye, until recently. Dylan Farrow released an open letter that detailed the abuse she suffered at Allen’s hands. It is a disturbing read, and news outlets have already snatched the bait and run with st...

Affirmative action measure is misguided attempt to address under representation

Editorial Staff

February 11, 2014

The United States of America has always been a nation that can’t get it right when it comes to issues of race or gender. On Jan. 30, the California State Senate opened up another can of worms when it comes to race and gender in college admissions. The group voted to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would all...

Raising federal minimum wage is a step in the right direction

Raising federal minimum wage is a step in the right direction

February 5, 2014

President Barack Obama recently proposed raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10, a mo...

Bieber’s actions don’t make him a bad guy

Bieber’s actions don’t make him a bad guy

Shafa Ilyas, Staff Writer

February 4, 2014

It’s not simple being Justin Bieber. Getting arrested for driving under the influence, having a house ...

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