Split Decision: Should vaporizers and e-cigarettes face further regulation?

PRO: Bobby Bishop

Vaping is a lifestyle choice. It is a growing hobby and for some people it is a stress reliever.

Smoking out of a vaporizer pen is a way of people getting the satisfaction of smoking without the harmful effects of cigarettes.

Many people use vape pens to quit smoking cigarettes due to the fact you can put nicotine in your vape and have less harmful effects than smoking a normal cigarette but still get your nicotine fix.

Vaping is also a cheaper alternative to cigarettes.

You may spend $200 on a vape that will last you for years, or you could spend $5 on a pack of cigarettes every day.

After just over a month the vape starts paying for itself, both monetarily and health wise as well.

Some places are outlawing vapes and smoking all together.

All California State University and University of California schools have agreed to outlaw all tobacco products on campus. This includes e-cigarettes and vape pens.

I don’t think vapes should be clustered into tobacco products.

They don’t have the harmful second hand smoke side effects that normal cigarettes do. Vapes are also a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes that many people use to help quit smoking.

If campuses allowed vapes and banned cigarettes, people would make an attempt to quit smoking cigarettes and change to vapes which would help their health and clean up the campus.

I also don’t agree with the rules of most establishments not allowing people to smoke vapes indoors.

If you are not blowing the water vapor in someones face and not intentionally bothering people with it you should be able to vape indoors.

On top of everything else, vaping tastes much better than cigarettes.

There are hundreds of different flavors to make your vaping experience more pleasurable and it makes a great conversation piece with other va- ping enthusiasts.

Vaping is a much better alternative to smoking and should not be grouped in with harmful tobacco products that are being banned and regulated across the state.


CON: Nick Valenzuela

In the midst of stronger regulation of smoking products, companies continue to try to find ways around mounting efforts to isolate smokers.

The newest trend in the world of smoking is the use of products such as electronic cigarettes and vaporizer pens.

These products don’t produce the same second-hand smoke that cigarettes do, but still contain nicotine to help smokers get their fix.

Because of this, they aren’t dangerous to people around users as normal cigarettes are, and even avoid the cancer-causing carcinogens of tobacco.

Regardless, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t face regulation just like all other smoking products.

They are still addictive nicotine products and pose a danger to health of the users, and therefore need to be kept under regulation to prevent them from getting into unfit hands.

Vapes and e-cigs may not produce harmful second hand smoke, but there are certainly still plenty of people who would prefer to not be around someone smoking anything.

People are absolutely entitled to their right to not be around others smoking offensive products, whether it be marijuana, cigarettes or vapes and e-cigs.

Because of that, there should be restrictions on where these products can be smoked.

Inside buildings, for example. People can often be seen sitting in a lecture puffing away on their vape pens.

This is distracting and disrespectful to other people attending the lecture as well as to the lecturer.

Granted, I concede that they should be allowed in more areas than

those that cigarettes are restricted to. Cosumnes River College’s smoking areas should be adjusted to include a few others that are e-cig only, so those that choose to smoke the non-odorous e-cigarettes can have a little more freedom.

Still, they should not be allowed for inside use, nor should they be allowed in the general walking areas of CRC.

I support people’s rights to avoid regular cigarettes in favor of e-cigarettes, especially if they’re being used as a tool to quit, but we deserve our space from all forms of smoking.