Love 4 Toys event helps CRC students fill their Christmas trees this season

From food and coat drives to fundraisers, several organizations are helping the less fortunate during the holiday season to give back.

College students here at Cosumnes River College have decided to put their head in the game and help out students around the campus with their child’s holiday wish list.

Students of professor Winnie LaNier’s student government 300 class wants everyone to come together and donate toys Dec. 3-4 to help fill the space beneath the Christmas tree’s of the struggling college student with presents.

“Other foundations have coat drives and similar donations so we decided to make a toy drive for the kids that need gifts,” said Gloria Bueso, a student advisor that oversaw the event.

Even though there are people that need help 365 days out of the year, there is something about the holiday season that warms people’s hearts to give back.

“A little can help a long way,” LaNier said during the donation event. “With the way the economy is today we know some can’t give us a big amount of toys to donate to those that really need it but all we ask is that you try.”

Coming up with the Love 4 Toys event wasn’t an extra credit assignment that was given by the professor of their course, the students of CRC just wanted to give back to their community.

The students believe that with this being the first year of the fundraiser this for won’t be the last.

“It would be great that one day we get the same recognition that the foundations like News 10 and Goodwill receives but for now we don’t mind helping the people that are right here in our own community first,” Bueso said.

The way students get selected to receive the toys is by filling out a form at CRC’s student development office. The advisor will then do some background research to make sure that applicants are in real need of the toys. Those selected will receive the toys on December 10.

The goal for this new found foundation is to help college students suffering from a low income.

Those looking to get into the spirit of giving won’t have to look further than the CRC campus this holiday season.

“Even though the SGVT students put this foundation together the whole campus can get involved and donate toys so a child can wake up on Christmas day with a big smile on their face,” Bueso said.

This is a foundation for the students all the way around.

If you know any students in need of some holiday help just let them know about the event that is going on on the campus for the next two weeks.

“After we have passed out toys any leftover ones will be given to an organization so they can help someone too,” Bueso said. “Anyway we can spread joy around our community.”