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Let us love our neighbors

Andrew Maestas, Staff

November 14, 2016

Almost everyone has a holiday memory that they hold dear, whether it’s the first time unwrapping a present from Santa Claus, or the time shared in the warmth surrounded by good food and family. Those are memories we treasure in our heart if we are fortunate enough to have them. But many people are not so lucky. Instead, they...

Forcing employees to work on holidays is a crime against families

Brittany Harden, Staff Writer

December 10, 2014

It’s that time of the year again where stores are beginning to roll out overtime to their employees and requiring some to work on holidays this year. When it comes to working on the holidays it should be up to the person if they want to work. Working on a holiday should not be mandatory in any form. This topic hits close...

Love 4 Toys event helps CRC students fill their Christmas trees this season

Latisha Gibson, Connection Staff

December 15, 2012

From food and coat drives to fundraisers, several organizations are helping the less fortunate during the holiday season to give back. College students here at Cosumnes River College have decided to put their head in the game and help out students around the campus with their child’s holiday wish list. Students of professor...

Companies hiring big for holiday season

Latisha Gibson, Connection Staff

November 15, 2012

If a holiday job is on your wish list this season, then you have a reason to smile. The stress of not having extra spending money or employment is eliminated by the opportunity to be hired on by different companies that are looking to build their staff with extra help this holiday season. According to a 2012 article presented...

Upcoming holiday season forces students to juggle priorities

Upcoming holiday season forces students to juggle priorities

December 5, 2011

As the holiday season nears, students said they find themselves concerned about balancing the chaos...

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