New cafeteria partnership highlights nutrition for students

Jelina Cortero, Staff Writer

Cosumnes River College prides itself in all aspects of its campus, however, a new and exciting development has made CRC’s cafeteria a place where health and nutrition are now in the palm of your own hands.

CRC Dining has partnered with MyFitnessPal, making CRC’s dining nutrition information available via app, according to CRC’s dining website CampusDish. The app makes it possible to find the foods that fit a student’s lifestyle by simply looking up the name of the menu item.

MyFitnessPal is a free and downloadable app that makes finding nutrition information and counting calories quick and easy. The app can be downloaded by using any smartphone or tablet and allows users to create “daily diaries,” where they are able to track calorie and other nutrition information for a variety of dining selections.

According to Aramark, My Fitness Pal is part of a larger initiative called Healthy For Life, which is a comprehensive health and wellness program. Their goal is to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of their customers.

“More students are telling us that living healthy, which includes eating healthy, is of high importance to them. In a recent survey that was conducted at all four of the Los Rios Colleges, 38% of the respondents told us they want more nutritional information,” according to Aramark’s marketing department via email. “We believe it is our responsibility to provide the tools and information to assist with making healthy lifestyle choices. Our Healthy for Life philosophy is all about living a good life by eating what you want — but choosing wisely.”

While the app is marketed as simple and easy to use, will students actually want to download it?

“I probably wouldn’t use it. I’d probably download it and forget about it,” said Vanessa Hernandez, a 19-year-old sociology major. “Yes, I think the app is a good idea and I feel like it would benefit everyone but I also know how lazy us students are. Having it right there on our phones, that we basically live on, would help.”

However Jose Ignacio, a 23-year-old business and child development major disagreed.

“I would download it because it’s helpful and that way I can be more cautious of what I eat, especially if I’m trying to eat healthier and have a balanced diet,” Ignacio said.

MyFitnessPal is currently available for android and iPhone. To access the campus nutrition facts, search for Aramark on Campus through the app once downloaded.

“Our mission at Aramark is to ‘deliver experiences that enrich and nourish lives.’ We are proud to be part of the Cosumnes River College campus and it is our desire to deliver both good food and good service,” according to Aramark via email.