School welcomes incoming students before the start of new semester


Lucy Vang

Welcome Day, which was held on Tuesday, attracted dozens of students who were looking to familiarize themselves with the campus as well as the student services the school offers before the semester started.

The campus hosted Welcome Day on Tuesday for new students attending this fall.

Every semester, the event offers incoming freshmen and first-time college students the opportunity to become familiar with college faculty and student services, as well as join a campus tour.

“This is probably the biggest change from first grade to now,” said 18-year-old business major Emma Prosio. “I have to get into the flow of college.” 

The Math Center, where assistance in coursework is provided for students, will be “extremely helpful,” said Molly Bides, 17, an undeclared major.

This is probably the biggest change from first grade to now. I have to get into the flow of college.

— Emma Prosio

“CRC will probably be like high school but a little bit more rigorous,” said Bides. “There will obviously be more homework, and I have to also make sure I balance my time.”

Several clubs and programs were stationed alongside each other near the quad so that students can engage with people who belong to the organization and ask questions. 

“The most important thing is student engagement to get kids involved,” said Sahl Cazi, a third-year student ambassador for Student Life and Leadership. “It’s exciting because there are new students who are curious to learn so much more about the school and programs we offer.” 

Of the many different tables arranged in the quad, a selection of them offered opportunities for work experience, including the campus’ Work Experience Education and Internship Program.

The WEEP Internship Developer Eilene Williams said the program helps students “apply their educational history to jobs that correspond with the experience they have.” 

Professors from different academic departments reached out to new students and freshmen to inform them of the wide variety of classes and majors available, as well.

“They can do something they didn’t get to do in high school,” said Music Professor Judi Sands-Pertel. “A lot of high schools don’t offer courses with an emphasis on what students are interested in, but we have such a diverse selection of courses for many students.”

The semester officially started on Saturday.

“For newcomers, this is the start,” said Sands-Pertel. “I am very excited for this new crop of students.”