A small taste of Vietnam arrives in Elk Grove


Danielle Roldan

Sit Lo Saigon is a new Vietnamese restaurant located at 7405 Laguna Blvd., Unit 170 in Elk Grove. Sit Lo Saigon serves many delicious pho dishes.

Sitting snugly between the Designer Shoe Warehouse and the Pinkberry Yogurt on Laguna Boulevard, Sit Lo Saigon serves the nourishing and aromatic bowl of the iconic Vietnamese noodle soup, pho.
The name of the dish, pronounced fuh, refers to the white rice flour noodles that are used. The beef or chicken broth is simmered with plentiful spices, such as cinnamon, star anise, cloves and cardamom.
The four signature pho dishes on Sit Lo’s menu boast their own unique and distinct flavors: the Hanoi Pho, the Saigon Pho, the Chicken Pho and the Bun Bo.
The Hanoi Pho, my personal favorite, is a Northern Vietnamese-style soup. The wok-fried ribeye, scallions and savory beef broth pairs perfectly with the fried doughnut, an airy fried piece of dough, made for dipping.
The Saigon Pho is a southern style, “all beef cuts specialty” soup. Packed with ribeye, flank, tendon, brisket, beef balls, and herbs, this soup is sweeter in taste, but just as deep and rich in flavor.
The Chicken Pho contains free-range, hand-peeled, dark and white chicken meat. Despite it not containing any beef, the strong, yet light, broth is still complex and refreshing.
The Bun Bo comes with vermicelli noodles, beef shank, Vietnamese ham, tendons, flank, herbs and vegetables, all in a spicy beef broth. The bouncy and toothsome texture of the noodles pairs well with the heat of the broth, it might be my second favorite on the menu.
The broths of each soup are tediously boiled for 72 hours. The portions of meat, garnishes, and large flat pho noodles are impressive for their $11.99 regular-sized and $13.99 large-sized prices.
Sit Lo’s drink menu is nothing to ignore. The avocado smoothie is rich, creamy and absolutely delicious when paired with boba.
The Sua Da, a Vietnamese cold brew with condensed milk, is a wake up call for coffee lovers out there. The strong and highly caffeinated beverage is smooth, addicting and sweet.
The ambiance of Sit Lo is trendy, casual and comfortable. The fast-casual ordering system and self-seating makes service quick and convenient.
Sit Lo’s interior has an upscale feel, as if you were in a trendy and modern fine dining restaurant in Southeast Asia. Colorful murals of Saigon and straw decor hanging from the ceilings encapsulate the feeling of actually eating near street vendors in Vietnam.
Outside on the patio, trees shade the tables and allow a calm and relaxing feel while dining. The warm sun and the cool breeze are the perfect pairing for eating a piping hot bowl of pho.
Pho connoisseurs will definitely find themselves coming back to Sit Lo Saigon after their first taste of the delicious bowls they have to offer. For those who want to experience a taste of Vietnam, this spot satisfies with the flavors, culture and authenticity of each dish.
Sit Lo Saigon is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and 5 to 8 p.m. They are located at 7405 Laguna Blvd., Unit 170. For updates and more information, follow their Instagram @SitLoSaigon.