Affordable food options available on and off campus for students


Asyah Zamani

There are many affordable lunch options where students can go eat within walking distance from campus for under $15. One of these places is Taco Bell, and featured here is the chicken power menu bowl for $6.19.

As students return to campus, they’re looking for affordable lunch options to get a quick bite to eat.
While on-campus dining options are limited, there are several places within walking distance where students can get a meal for under $15.
Five places that are within walking distance from campus and on campus are Taco Bell, Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes, Honu Hawaiian B.B.Q., Jimmy’s Poké House & Sushi Restaurant and the Avenue C vending machines in the Cosumnes River College cafeteria.
Taco Bell, a fast food restaurant, located at 7310 W. Stockton Blvd., offers a variety of foods such as tacos and burritos. A few options on the new cravings value menu and favorites menu that students can get under $5 are the cheesy bean & rice burrito, spicy potato soft taco, supreme crunchy taco and the regular Doritos locos tacos.
Other options available from the bowls and specialties menu under $10 are the chicken power menu bowl, steak power menu bowl or the nachos bellgrande. Students can also purchase regular or large freezes, small, medium or large fountain drinks or cinnamon twists for under $5.
Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes, a hamburger restaurant, located at 8251 Bruceville Rd. Suite 150, serves burgers, fries, chips and milkshakes. A few items students can get from the fries + chips menu under $10 are the hand-cut Idaho fries, sweet potato fries and housemade chips.
The desserts that are under $10 are the little moo or big moo shakes, cookies and drinks. The shakes have many different flavors such as vanilla, oreo, cookie dough and more.
Honu Hawaiian B.B.Q., a barbecue restaurant, located at 8211 Bruceville Rd. Suite #100, serves a variety of barbecue plates, appetizers and rolls. Some options that are under $15 are the Hawaiian BBQ chicken, chicken katsu, Hawaiian BBQ beef, chicken combo and BBQ cheeseburger or BBQ chicken burger.
Jimmy’s Poké House & Sushi Restaurant, located at 8211 Bruceville Rd. Ste B 103, serves appetizers and bottled water and canned drinks under $15. Some of these appetizers are the teriyaki bowl, poke nachos and crab salad.
Lastly, Avenue C vending machines in the cafeteria students can combine together and purchase under $10 are a Twix candy bar with a Propel Zero grape bottle drink, a small bag of SunChips Garden Salsa and a fresh grill/brown bag tuna salad on wheat sandwich for $8.
Other food options students can combine together and also purchase under $10 are an El Monterey spicy red hot beef & bean burrito with another El Monterey XX large beef & bean green chili burrito and a Blue Bunny vanilla crunch bar for $5.57.