Hawk Week brings students together


Gabriella Groves

Hawk Week takes place on campus from Aug. 30- Sept.1. Students stop by the booths to see what each program or department was about.

Hawk Week was an event that took place on campus Aug. 30 – Sept. 1.
The three-day event featured music, games and booths set up by different departments and programs that Cosumnes River College offers for students.
“I am hoping that (Hawk Week) brings a lot of students together to come and spend time and get to know each other and get to know the departments. “I am hoping that it brings a little bit more life to our campus,” said Interim Student Life and Leadership Center Supervisor Kayla Anaya, who was the advisor of this year’s Hawk Week.
Students stopped by the booths to see what each program or department was about.
“It’s a diverse campus and so sometimes (students) won’t know what to access or what to go through,” said 18-year-old Safiyah Shaibi, a dental hygiene major. “It’s kind of hard but like if you’re in person, you could interact with (departments) and they could just show you so it’s easier to understand.”
There were different food trucks that were out there each day during Hawk Week, which allowed for students to grab a bite to eat while they were walking through the tables.
“I am feeling good about Hawk Week and it has been a lot of work,” Anaya said. “There have been a lot of moving parts and I am excited about having the food trucks out because a lot of students have been asking about them or when we might have them.”
There were many departments that offered their services to students, such as The Veteran Resource Center, The Dream Center, The Outdoors Club, The Career Center, Tutoring services and more.
“I feel like (Hawk Week) is a good way to get to know about things on campus,” said 18-year-old Jade Tracey, a pre-health occupations major.
Anaya said that it is nice to meet people in person, specifically staff and students.
“Since coming back from COVID, I feel like all the students who have recently applied with us these last couple of years will have the time to understand the services and programs that we provide,” Anaya said.