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CRC students take a stand in presidential election

There was little doubt in 12 Cosumnes River College students as to whom they were going to vote for in the upcoming Nov. 6 election.Barack Obama led Mitt Romney three to nine in the small interview poll.

Two of the nine people said the reason they were voting for Obama was because of his follow through on the DREAM Act.

“It is very considerate of him,” said Lucia Luna a 20-year-old human services major. “I never thought somebody would raise the DREAM act. They said Bush was going to do it at first, help the immigrants, but in the end it didn’t work. So did Gov. Schwarzenegger. And Obama is saying this and actually letting people already do it. So it shows.”

Edrei Espinosa, a 23-year-old civil engineering major said Obama’s focus on the DREAM act will help illegal immigrants and that their ability to become citizens is something he looks forward to.

Tori Tillman, 36, business major simply felt Obama was the man to “open doors” for her future.

“I feel like he’ll straighten the mess up and make long term standing jobs,” she said.

Another couple of students said they are voting for Obama because he is the “lesser evil” to place their vote on.

“It’s a tough choice between bad and worse but I am probably going to go with Obama,” said 50-year-old Wendy Brown a business and real estate major. “They can promise you the world and I already know the world that Obama is not delivering. With Romney its like starting all over again.”

Alex De Abreu, 17, astronomy major said though he cannot vote this upcoming election, Obama “is not the best, but he will do a better job than Romney.”

Kyle Knackstedt, a 22-year-old business major felt differently, siting multiple reasons why he felt Romney was his choice candidate.

“He’s going to create jobs,” Knackstedt said, “Since I am a business major, Republicans what they do is make it easier for smaller businesses which I what I plan to do when I get out of college.”

Two Romney supporters voiced concerns, citing the overall government as the problem.

“He has a better perspective of how a government should be, a little bit smaller,” said Carol Pellegri, 23, a food science major. “Where as Obama has governments it tends to be bigger. And if you have a bigger government is seems to be more difficult to accomplish things.”

“I think Obama has had his chance, he has had four years to fix us,” said Chelsea Rea a 21-year-old veterinary major. “I think if he is able to handle his money the way he has, being a multimillionaire, I think we should trust him in handling ours.”

This election has been predicted across all news media to be the biggest and most important election of our time and all the students universally just want a candidate they feel is “trustworthy.”

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For her second semester on The Connection Brittany was the Opinion Editor,  having first served as Production Manager in her first semester. She was taking classes at both CRC and ARC pursuing a degree in journalism at Cosumnes River College with plans to transfer to Boise State University. She enjoys all genres of writing, as she is an avid reader, and hopes to one day be an editor for a major book publishing company. Semesters on Staff: Fall 2012 and Spring 2013

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CRC students take a stand in presidential election