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Women’s basketball loses in tight contest against Diablo Valley

Brittany Patrick, Opinion Editor

February 14, 2013

The Diablo Valley Vikings challenged the Cosumnes River College Hawks at home on the annual Breast Cancer Awareness night, Feb. 12. The Hawks struggled from the tipoff, where Vikings’ freshman Annelise Ito took control, and passed the ball to sophomore teammate Wilicia Featherstone, who fired it back to Ito to charge down...

As a new year looms resolutions new and old arise

Brittany Patrick, Connection Staff

December 11, 2012

Every year, when that ball drops at exactly midnight in New York and the old year folds into a new or sometime during the first month or two of the year, many people make those one or few goals called “New Year’s Resolutions.”In fact it is reported 45 percent of Americans make new years resolutions, according to University of S...

Obama reelection no surprise to students

Brittany Patrick, Connection Staff

November 15, 2012

Of the Cosumnes River College students interviewed, many were “not surprised” by President Barack Obama’s re-election over Republican candidate Mitt Romney. President Obama won the Electoral College 332 votes to Romney’s 206, as well as the popular vote by about 4.35 million votes. The race was predicted to be a close...

CRC students take a stand in presidential election

Brittany Patrick, Connection Staff

November 1, 2012

There was little doubt in 12 Cosumnes River College students as to whom they were going to vote for in the upcoming Nov. 6 election.Barack Obama led Mitt Romney three to nine in the small interview poll. Two of the nine people said the reason they were voting for Obama was because of his follow through on the DREAM Act. “It is v...

Celebrity endorsements influencing the youth vote

Brittany Patrick, Connection Staff

October 31, 2012

Should celebrities endorse their political preferences out to the public? Celebrities are idolized and admired by millions, both young and old. The youth of America is our future America. And what does future America think about the presidential election? Jay-Z and Beyoncé have gone public and announced their support...

Proposition 34: Sends wrong message to criminals

Brittany Patrick, Connection Staff

October 31, 2012

Every life is invaluable. No life is more or less important than another. Life is gift to be cherished and the taking of a life is wrong and selfish. What would you say to the families whose loved ones have been put into the ground too soon? To the parents who have buried their children? That their loved ones are not ...

CAST artists paint the town, captivating public visitors

Brittany Patrick, Connection Staff

September 24, 2012

Passionate brush strokes, intriguing angles and an infectious buzz filled the streets of downtown Sacramento for the Capital Artists’ Studio Tour. Beginning in 2006 CAST, put on by the Center for Contemporary Art, has grown from a small number of art studios showcasing work to over 150 participating members. The event is...

Knee injury brings freshman recruit to women's soccer team

Knee injury brings freshman recruit to women’s soccer team

September 20, 2012

The women’s soccer team welcomed their new forward Jena Mamola, a 17-year-old business major, back...

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