Take back the tap aims to add more water stations on campus

There are a lot of people on campus who are in long lines waiting for yet another person who takes too long to refill the water bottle at a refill station or water fountain.

However, with the $1500 that they had previously won from the “Tapapalooza” contest last semester, the Cosumnes River College Students For A Sustainable Future Club has been planning to install another refill station to put an end to all of the waiting.

“One thousand dollars from that award will be going into the manufacturing and installation of another hydration station, a specialized fountain that allows students to refill their reusable water bottles,” said Jaime Gonzalez, 24, environmental studies and sustainability major and president of SSF.

In total, there are six bottle-filling stations across campus: one in the Winn Center, one in the Cafeteria, two in the Community Athletic Center and one in the Southeast Office Complex.

To supplement those stations, SSF’s campaign is projected to bring that total to seven by the spring of 2016 depending on, “the Director of Administrative Services Augustine Chavez, Jr.’s and campus operations’ workload,” Gonzalez said.

In regards to where this new piece of equipment will be installed, both Gonzalez and Chavez have mapped out a couple of options for other locations, including both the Learning Resource Center and the second floor of the campus library.

“We’d love to place it in the LRC building, because there is a constant flow of students, a cluster of staff offices and many resource centers, making it a prime centralized location,” said César Aguirre, 28, environmental studies and sustainability major and SSF treasurer.

As for the remaining $500, SSF is planning to place an order for a shipment of “Klean Kanteens,” aluminum reusable water bottles, which students can purchase for $15 and faculty for $25.

“The SSF has a relationship with the CRC Foundation in which we buy Klean Kanteens and sell them amongst students and faculty to fund our Take Back The Tap campaign,” Gonzalez said. “Then the money goes toward our initiatives — like this hydration station.”

Along with their green campus initiatives, SSF is indirectly promoting environmental preservation awareness when students use these stations.

“For every bottle refilled at these hydration stations, there is a [plastic] bottle being saved from destroying the environment within landfills,” Aguirre said.

Ultimately, students are participating in preventing pollutants from reaching our reservoirs and damaging the environments.

“I’ve always noticed the dial on the fountain, but never knew what it meant,” said Sheryl Grindsby, 20, nursing major. “I feel more empowered now to know that my actions are for a good cause and have a purpose.”