Candidate forum introduces student candidates in upcoming election


Sharmarke Holif

A candidate forum was held in the quad by the Associated Students of Cosumnes River College on Wednesday. Here are all nine of the candidates in the forum.

The Associated Students of Cosumnes River College held a candidate forum on Wednesday at the quad to present the candidates running for student government.

Nine candidates spoke at the forum, which included Miranda Roccucci and Andrea Swan, who are running for student senate president, Holden Alameda, who is running for student senate treasurer, Mohammad Taheri, Husna Taheri and Scott Lee, who are running for student senate senator, Ali Din, who is running for Club and Events Board commissioner (CAEB), Mohaimen Abualturshi, who is running for CAEB vice commissioner and John “Jay” Doherty, who is running for Los Rios student trustee.

The forum was moderated by Oscar Mendoza Plascencia, who is the interim director of student equity and engagement. Jordan Cervantes, the student personnel assistant, helped with getting questions from the audience for the candidates.

The candidates discussed what their plans are if they were to be elected and why students should vote for them.

Husna Taheri, an 18-year-old political science major, said she should be elected as student senate senator because she wants to be an advocate for those outside the campus community.

“I’m someone who truly is passionate about helping students who are not from this community or have come from outside,” Husna Taheri said. ”I want them to feel welcomed and to have a place to speak and have their voices heard. I want to advocate diversity and a place to welcome all.”

Abualturshi, an 18-year-old political science major, said he wants to be elected due to how effective the vice commissioner is at helping students manage their problems, such as making food easier to get for students.

“Eight dollars for a sandwich, nobody can afford that,” Abualturshi said. “My main goal right now is to reopen the cafeteria, not just restore the food services fully, but improve them as well.”

Roccucci, a 19-year-old TV production major, said if elected, she will be a student senate president who listens and is energetic.

“I will be more than welcome to listen to people’s voices. I see you and I hear you,” Roccucci said. “The reason people should vote for me is because I’m someone who acts when I see something that is a concern.”

Din, an 18-year-old computer science major, spoke about why being CAEB commissioner is important to him. He said he wants to amplify the voice of clubs and create a diverse spectrum of different kinds to fit the hobbies of different students.

“I want to join my fellow peers to increase the number of clubs on campus and also plan and organize events for students to participate in. Spirit days, sports days, friendly game competitions, karaoke nights and many others,” Din said. “Events that students would find interesting and partake in.”

Alameda, a 19-year-old political science major, said he wants to become student senate treasurer in order to deal with the issue of students not advocating for themselves.

“As treasurer, I want to use necessary funds for promotions, events and forums that can spread the word on student advocacy and participation,” Alameda said. “So for the fall, we plan to establish a monthly newsletter through email. This report will contain updates on any changes to campus, like food options or academic policies.”

Mohammad Taheri, a 20-year-old computer science major, said he would try and make a positive impact on the campus.

“If I am elected, I will help bring more awareness to the programs and resources available to unaware students,” Mohammad Taheri said. “Being elected means I will be able to more effectively help students and make a positive impact on campus.”

Students can vote for the election on eServices on April 25 and 26 from 5 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.