Cafeteria prices are still affordable


The cafeteria at Cosumnes River College features the Grill Works menu that accommodates breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cafeteria food prices at Cosumnes River College can be questionable. Overall, the cost of meals are reasonable for the hungry student.

The original cafeteria in the College Center building returned after multiple semesters of reconstruction. The renovated area features a menu of food and drinks similar to its previous incarnation, including breakfast eggs, pizza and coffee.

Prices of the meals also bear some resemblance to when they were previously available. An aspect to consider when buying cafeteria food is what is available in a meal relative to its price. Fortunately, most of what’s provided is affordable and can energize and fill a person up before their next class.

The breakfast menu is limited, but has meals priced under $5. If you are creative on what you are getting, just buying a selection of the side orders has enough bang for the buck. Most of the lunch menu is also reasonably priced in comparison to what you might get at a nearby fast food restaurant. The additional offer of a drink and fries at a lower price with one of the many burgers provided is not a bad deal.

The cafeteria also includes a renovated Java City where people can buy coffee or other special beverages. Most of the drinks provide different sizes at affordable prices.

While the menu in general is priced decently, there are some choices that have absurd costs, such as the pizza selection.

While a normal slice of pizza costs less than $3 by itself, an inclusion of salad and a fountain drink cup more than doubles the cost. Money can be saved with relatively affordable soda in vendors across the campus or buying two regular slices and a drink.

Another preposterous offer is the hot dogs at lunch time. While they might be very tasty, their average size doesn’t  justify the $3.49 price alone.

Buying something from the deli sandwich section is a bit of a mixed bag. While there are many options in creating your own sandwich for $5, the price of additional toppings is unusual in comparison to buying a sandwich with chips or a salad with a fountain drink.

If there was room for improvement, a slight price reduction in some of the overpriced meals by itself would help and have more people coming in consistently.

Nevertheless, there are good deals to to be found in the cafeteria.