A condom by any other name would work the same

I’m all for name brand shopping let’s be honest most of us are, little Susie would rather buy that $300 coach purse that has a whole bunch of C patterns on it over a purse that does the exactly the same for under four dollars  from Wal-Mart  because it’s a popular name brand or little Johnny  pays $180 for Jordan shoes which give him no boost of athletic ability what so ever  over a pair of five dollar pay less shoes which are made with the same material but lack the Jordan symbol.

Why do we do it? Why fall to this market branding? Is it to stay current and popular or are the clothes and shoes made from the highest grade material.

Answer is no the material are not better  most of the name brand clothing lines can be traced to third world sweat shops and why we buy it no one knows we just do it like a Nike commercial.

But now market branding everything has reached a new all-time height with the Luis Vuitton condom, yes I shall repeat myself Luis Vuitton has a condom line.

At $68 per condom, yes folks per condom, it is the most expensive condom currently in the world beating out channel 21’s condom line which sold at $279 a dozen.

Parceled in a light brown wrapper with Vuitton’s iconic brown monogram, the condoms are embossed with the LV logo and priced so high it will make you wish it was reusable and the material is made out of the same latex that a dollar condom would cost you.

The designer Irakli Kizira designed this line of condoms for world Aids day to promote safe sex last December whose condom line went viral on Twitter after the unveiling.

Though Kizira is not actually affiliated with Luis Vuitton her condom line has sold thousands and is in the works of being bought out and sold in Vuitton stores around the globe.

Expect to see the condoms between the Luis shoes and the glasses and a commercial with a slogan that goes “Luis Vuitton, the fashionable way to fake it in the bedroom.”

When will there be a line drawn in the sand on big brand labeling.

The next thing you’ll see is Roca Wear douches for ladies or Aeropostle contact lens that cost triple the price than normal ones or maybe they’ll take over food items and you will be hypnotized into buying ralph lauren polo brand steaks with a polo symbol seared into the meat.

Its all just marketing tricks, the more you see the brands symbol the more your inclined to buy that brand.

In actuality the condom doesn’t do anything different the cheap ones but I must say it does look cool.