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Social media becomes new life line

Social media becomes new life line

December 12, 2012

Twitter was once mainly used for the world to post daily nonsense, obscene pictures and wacky status...

A not so nice farewell to “Twilight”

Jonathan Rich, Connection Staff

November 25, 2012

  I have always been one for the spooky vampire and werewolf movies with the creepy ominous background music with the dark settings. Massive People getting ripped apart by a giant werewolf on a full moon or drained of blood by Dracula on the darkest of nights but thanks to the Twilight saga, sadly that has all ...

A condom by any other name would work the same

Jonathan Rich, Connection Staff

October 31, 2012

I’m all for name brand shopping let’s be honest most of us are, little Susie would rather buy that $300 coach purse that has a whole bunch of C patterns on it over a purse that does the exactly the same for under four dollars  from Wal-Mart  because it’s a popular name brand or little Johnny  pays $180 for Jordan shoes...

Prop 34 could end the death penalty

Jonathan Rich, Connection Staff

October 18, 2012

California is one of the 33 states that currently authorizes the death penalty . California currently has 725 people on death row whose sentences will be replaced with life in prison without parole if Proposition 34 is approved, according to the official voters guide. Proposition 34, titled the “Death Penalty Initiative...

CRC’s 2012 Health Resource Fair successfully raises awareness

Jonathan Rich, Connection Staff

September 24, 2012

Over a year in planning, the cooperation of over 40 different agencies came together with one woman’s idea to spread awareness and education to students on health and welfare. Carmella Henderson, Cosumnes River College peer health educator, is that woman and the host of the CRC Fall 2012 Health Resource Fair held at the...

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