A not so nice farewell to “Twilight”


I have always been one for the spooky vampire and werewolf movies with the creepy ominous background music with the dark settings. Massive People getting ripped apart by a giant werewolf on a full moon or drained of blood by Dracula on the darkest of nights but thanks to the Twilight saga, sadly that has all changed.For all you who have the luxury of not knowing what the Twilight  books turned movies are about i will give my brief description.

The movie takes place in rainy Forks, Washington and is based off a ridiculous love triangle between a weird pale faced girl named Bella, Edward the most pasty pale vampire ever known in vamp history and Jacob the teenage werewolf who just so happens to find a way to rip his shirt off in almost every scene throughout the saga.

Bella is in love with Edward whom by the way is the only vampire in movie history who can stand in the sun and instead of burning to dust he shines like diamonds.

Jacob the teen wolf is in love with Bella who loves Edward who is his eternal enemy due to the whole vampires vs. werewolves thing, at least they got that part right.

To make things more ridiculous the pasty vampire gets Bella pregnant and she gives birth to a half human half vampire pale baby that her secret lover slash stalker slash friend protects despite his internal hatred for her baby daddy.

The movie saga is a bunch of high school drama using vampires and werewolves and it is overly ridiculous to any sane person who is over the age of 21.

The twilight saga is going to be ending with Breaking Dawn Part. 2 coming out Nov.16.

Now if you’re anything like me then you’re overjoyed in thinking the end couldn’t have come soon enough.

I’m happy the movie saga is ending and i wish it would’ve stayed a book.

Now maybe those super pale actors can take the time to get a nice tan and look human again and we can get back to the real vampire and werewolf movies with the awesome blood splatter, full moons and neck biting.

Lets get rid of the love scenes and get back to the creepy music and frightened screams and things that scare you in your dreams.

Lets get rid of vampires and werewolves playing high school musical drama scenes and get back to the basics.

Goodbye Bella, so long Edward , and thanks for coming Jacob, you will not be missed from this guy, Hallelujah! its over!