Split Decisions: Lifting the ban for women combat roles for the better

Women are finally getting the recognition that they have been waited centuries for.

The fight to have the same rights as men is at the tips of our fingers but there are people questioning a recently passed bill which allows women to serve in combat.

The big arguments against the combat bill are hygiene and the integration of male and female soldiers.

However, birth control is available to help stop a woman’s menstrual cycle so they don’t have to worry about the high maintenance of that small issue.

Also, if a woman is on birth control, it is highly unlikely that she will get pregnant men and women are integrated into the same units and have sex.

This takes me back to the times when African-Americans were not allowed to serve for their country because of their skin color.

A group like the Tuskegee Airmen made people take another look at African-Americans serving in the armed forces, and change the mindset of doubters.

They were able to not only execute successful missions but also perform them better than any race during that time period.

Give women the chance to prove the same.

When women enter the army, they have to endure the same boot camp process that males go through in order to move to the next step of the military training process, according to the Marine Corps website.

So after enduring the same training as men, women be able to prove themselves without the scrutiny of the male counterparts?

Women enrolling in the armed forces are aware of the risks of their position, so they should be allowed to serve in all the same capacities as men, including combat roles.

Women don’t enlist in the military to avoid the possibility of fighting in the war. They want to be able to serve their country the same way that men have always been allowed to.

There are other armies around the world that include women in combat roles, such as Russia, Canada and Germany.

For many years the woman has been known as the nurturing creature.

There are men that can be nurturing too. There are situations out there when a man is a single father and they have to become the nurture and the enforcer in a child’s life and visa versa.

Everyone is different and whether a person possess the skills for combat is not based on their sex.

The argument against women in the military is weak and usually describes deficiencies in how women are viewed by men and not based on the merit of the individual.

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