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Split Decisions: Women in combat opens Pandora’s Box

Equality, to be equal, to have the same value.  Men, women, young and old all deserve to be treated equal and have the same opportunities but at the same time, are all able to achieve and excel in the same areas?

For example, if 90-year-old seniors felt they weren’t equally being hired at banks and managed to pass a bill that forced banks to staff seniors equally to younger staff, what do you think would happen? It’s safe to assume longer lines, miscounted money, easier bank robberies and deaths on the job and so on are all other possibilities.

In a broader perspective, the seniors may be right for wanting equality in employment but in actuality it just wouldn’t work out for the best.  Though there may be a few who would excel, the masses wouldn’t.

Some things in this world are the way they are for a reason.

So why let women into active combat positions in the army?  Women are our lifeline and they deserve everything a man does, but this is something that was in place for a greater reason than what it seems on the surface.

I served as an infantry soldier in the United States Army for five and a half years, with deployments to Iraq.  I have met very strong, mentally tough, physically fit female soldiers while serving, but none that I met could do what the rest of us did to the full extent.  On a day-to-day basis these duties included patrolling the streets, climbing mountains, searching caves and bunkers, kicking down doors, extreme fire fights and rocket attacks for months on end.

No fresh water, no showers, no phones, no clean clothes and rationed food for months with just you and your squad mates. How can a woman tactically survive in this environment and what do you think would happen when you mix males and females in this situation?

It’s safe to say more pregnancies in a military that already has a high pregnancy rate can be expected during deployments, as well as fighting amongst squad mates, sexual harassments, sex for rank, rape, compromised missions and a higher death toll.

Our government is planning on taking woman and mixing them with testosterone filled guys who haven’t had sex in a year or more and are put in life or death scenarios that make every experience feel like their last. This has to be the worst idea for our military to date.

I believe that anyone can pull the trigger and wear a uniform and learn combat tactics but I don’t believe everyone is suited to perform these things.

For example monkeys can learn how to drive but i’m sure you wouldn’t jump into a taxi with a chimpanzee behind the wheel, not because he can’t drive but because its not logical, it just doesn’t make sense.

It’s hard to imagine a platoon of gender integrated grunts on a four week patrol when a female grunt starts her menstrual cycle.

Now the patrol is compromised because she’ll need clean clothes, water, tampons and so forth, which is everything she wont have on patrol with combat arms units. Where is the logic in that?

I wish for the best for this new rule and the women filling combat arms slots but mixing genders is a horrible idea and it will show in the years to come. I hope my country knows what pandora’s box they have unleashed upon the military.

-Check out the opposing view Here

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Split Decisions: Women in combat opens Pandora’s Box