Let the Christmas decorating begin!


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With many of us staying at home more than usual during this holiday season, it is important that we decorate for the holidays in the way that brings us the most joy. If that means putting up the Christmas lights and the Christmas tree now, then go right ahead!

As we enter Thanksgiving week and start counting down the days until Christmas, there is an amusing yet serious question that needs to be asked: To decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving or to not decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.
A few days ago, I was parked along the side of the street, and my girlfriend and I saw this white car wrapped with endless Christmas lights drive by. We both admired the effort and the holiday spirit of this unknown individual, but my girlfriend turned to me and said, “It would be better if it was after Thanksgiving.”
This sparked an interesting opinion I didn’t truly know I had. No matter how you decorate for Christmas, it is never too early, especially during the COVID-19 era.
There is an emphasis on creating a joyful, positive environment within your household. In times like these, it is more important than ever to feel joyful and at ease in your own house, and if Christmas decorations give you that feeling, then don’t hesitate to “Christmasfy” your house from the inside out.
Let’s go back to the unknown individual with the Christmas light wrapped car and the holiday spirit of a kid that will wait up all night for Santa Claus; do you really think that person isn’t enjoying the holiday season while driving that car around? Probably not.
My point is, the Christmas light wrapped car is just as awesome before Thanksgiving as it will be after Thanksgiving. Everyone celebrates and decorates for Christmas at their own pace, and as long as they are happy with that pace, then everybody is happy for the holiday season. What more could you ask for.
Retail stores begin pushing out Christmas decorations months in advance, and some people may not want to see that until after Thanksgiving. Although we have the group of people mentioned before, the Christmas spirit and the positivity associated with it ultimately trumps that group.
For Thanksgiving, don’t be afraid to sit at the table with turkey on your plate, pumpkin pie in the fridge, the football game on to your right and the Christmas tree up with presents under it to your left.
COVID-19 has sort of changed the dynamics of how families will celebrate the upcoming holiday season, whether it be smaller groups or wearing masks around your loved ones. Just keep in mind that COVID-19 doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying the holiday season.
Put up Christmas decorations whenever you’d like, admire the incredibly lit houses (and cars) in your neighborhood, spend time with friends and family in a safe and jolly fashion and keep your Christmas decorations up for as long as you’d like. Happy holidays!