Club creates community for students in the medical field


Courtesy of Jasmeet Singh

The Pre-Health Club held its first meeting on Jan. 27. The meeting was held in room SCI-206 and included slideshow introductions from the club president, club secretary and club advisors.

The Pre-Health Club held their first meeting on Jan. 27 for students interested in the medical field.

The meeting was held in the Cosumnes River College Science Building. It began with introductions by club president Jasmeet Singh, a 19-year-old microbiology major, and club secretary Ezekiel Dabay, a 19-year-old pre-nursing biology major, explaining the club’s initiative. The club’s advisors Biology Professor Jason Patterson and College Nurse Michelle Barkley introduced themselves as well.

“I know there hasn’t been a lot of opportunities on campus for pre-health majors that are pursuing a medical to have a community,” Dabay said. “So we aim to be that community for those students.”

Singh said the Pre-Health Club is a safe place for students to be after a tough week or a tough month.

“We want them to make friends, so we created a place to psychologically unwind and give them resources,” Singh said.

The Pre-Health Club meets every Friday from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in room SCI-206.

“This club, for me, is going to be a very strong support group. For all of our pre-health students,” Patterson said. “Anybody that has any desire to go into healthcare in any aspect, I think might find some benefit with the club.”

Barkley said she was impressed with the high attendance at the club’s first meeting.

“I’m actually really impressed with how many students are here today,” Barkley said. “In the past, I mean, we’ve had maybe three students involved. I want to say I think there were at least 20 people who were really engaged and involved. It’s impressive.”