New college website allows for better functions

A new website for Cosumnes River College launched this semester and has officially become live for student and faculty use. 

Kristie West, the campus’ public information officer, said that in addition to the visual overhaul, the website now provides new functionality and features.

West said the new website will fit all computer screens and includes a fully integrated search feature.

There is also the addition of page translations into dozens of languages and content that is universal across the district, helping with the consistency, accuracy and efficiency.

Elisa Wilson, an 18-year-old focusing on her general education, said she thinks the new website has been very accessible since the launch.

“I do like having all of the tabs on the homepage,” said Wilson. “It’s nice having everything in one place.”

In addition, West said there is also a catalog course with elaborate degree and certificate information, a new detailed class search, a searchable faculty and staff directory, a new notification feature that will highlight new content and filters on calendars to easily download events to your smartphone. 

Jennifer Yamada, a 23-year-old business accounting major, said the website itself was a little confusing when she first saw the new changes. 

“It’s my fourth year here so it took me a minute to navigate and find everything again,” said Yamada.

Yamada said a new student may be able to access the website easily, but for a current student, the new features could come with some re-adjusting at first. 

“With any new overhaul, it takes some time for people to figure out where to find information,” said West. “But the response has been good and generally, most people like the way it looks and the way it functions.” 

West also said there has been very positive feedback from students and employees so far on the new website.

In the end, West said they have been very pleased so far with the new website and look forward to adding features. 

“We are always looking at the content, keeping it updated and making sure the functionality is working,” said West. “The website will always be something that is dynamic and we are going to continue to improve it for our students.”