Women’s soccer struggles with communicating in game against Las Positas College


Halimeh Edais

The women’s soccer team lost 4-1 against Las Positas College. The game was the first out of seven before the team enters the Big 8 conference.

The women’s soccer team is still ironing out the kinks following a 4-1 loss in their home opener against Las Positas College on Tuesday. 

The match-up was the first of seven games Cosumnes River College will play before entering the Big 8 conference on Sep. 27. 

“We came in a little flat, didn’t compete in the first half and the game kind of got away from us,” said Head Coach Cesar Plasencia. “The second half we did a lot better, tied the second half 1-1, but the first half we weren’t ready to compete.”

Eight minutes into the first half, LPC scored on a shot made by sophomore midfielder Camryn Adams, giving her club the first lead of the game.  

While LPC was in control for the majority of the game, CRC deflected several attacks and tried to set the tone early on, but ultimately struggled. 

We didn’t really connect to find our playmakers. That was one of our mistakes today.

— Emma Guzman

The defense wasn’t competing, and by the time CRC was able to establish themselves, Placensia said it was “too little, too late.”

“We didn’t really do a lot of communicating,” said sophomore midfielder Emma Guzman.

LPC followed the first two goals up with another quick score, making it a 3-0 lead right before the end of the first half.

“All we did was kick the ball freely,” said Guzman. “We didn’t really connect to find our playmakers. That was one of our mistakes today.”

A fourth goal scored by LPC put the dagger in CRC despite a late score by sophomore midfielder Claire Burkhart.

“They were just on top of their game,” said Guzman. “They wanted it more than us.”

 Guzman attributed the early struggles to a lack of communication. 

“We need to talk about who goes where and what runs we are making,” said sophomore midfielder Taya Bradford. 

Sophomore forward Obioma Onejeme said that the team is optimistic and will work towards a different result for the next game.

“I think the next game, the outcome will be in our favor,” said Onejeme.