Hawks continue to struggle against the Wolverines


John Cabales

Guard Brookelyn Larkin trying to get pass the defender in a home loss to Sierra College

The Hawks women’s basketball team took on the Sierra College Wolverines Jan. 1 and lost 54-86.

The team entered the game with only six available players due to players either being injured or academically ineligible.

“I think the six we have now are conditioned enough to play 40 minutes so they know if they have an open lane or a good opportunity to go, but since it’s only six of them, they have to play smart,” said Hawks assistant coach Jasmine Chapman.

The Hawks were plagued by turnovers and fouls in the first quarter, causing the Wolverines to outscore them 31-19.

The second quarter was more of the same.The Hawks let Wolverines guard Bri Moore continually get in the lane. Frustration started to build, causing coach

Coral Sage to get a technical foul.

The Hawks were unable to get their offense going, only scoring 9 points and the Wolverines were up 50-28 at the end of the half.

Hawks Guard Brookelyn Larkin tried her best offensively to keep her team in the game. She continually got into the paint and drew fouls but the only other
contributor was Guard Trina Shaner.

The Hawks did force the Wolverines to turn the ball over, but were unable to capitalize off those turnovers.

“We forced them into 25 turnovers but we didn’t get that reciprocated on the offensive end,” said Chapman.

Forward Micaela Dagler and center Quoquese Jackson both fouled out in the fourth quarter forcing the Hawks to play with only four players.

“We only have six players with most of them playing 40 minutes against a team that has 18 players so it’s tough but our girls play hard and did the best they could especially finishing with four,” said head coach Coral Sage.

Even though they only had four players, they played their best defense of the game and only allowed the Wolverines to score 14 points in the quarter.

With only four players and too large of a deficit, the Hawks were unable to make a comeback and the Wolverines won the game 86-54.

“I don’t think we lost because of skill I think it’s because they had so many subs, so we were just lacking number,” said guard Linnea Bartly.