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Now that’s not what I call music

Latisha Gibson, Connection Staff

December 5, 2012

I remember being a kid in the 90s listening to the radio and every song that came on was a sing-a-long. There was no need to change the station because a smile would start to spread across my face and bring back good memories. Artist like Tupac, Biggie, Too Short etc. brought radio worthy tunes to fans all over the worl...

Audio visual technician by day, rock star by night

Zachary Hannigan, Connection Staff

January 30, 2012

New Cosumnes River College audio visual technician James Lovett can not only set up any event, but also liven them up with his own music. Lovett was exposed to music at a young age and credits that to his love of music. “Back in those days, parents didn’t use babysitters, so they took you to the bar with them,” Lovett...

Drake sophomore album reflects some of his best work

Varsha Narayan, Connection Staff

November 16, 2011

Despite the success of his debut album “Thank Me Later,” Drake felt the record didn’t show his best work. His newly released follow-up album, “Take Care,” is another story. For most fans, hip-hop has always provided a glimpse of urban reality. Drake explores a different side of hip-hop. He raps about emotions an...

Degeneration of music: originality is dead

Zach Hannigan, Staff Writer

November 2, 2011

It’s 1969 in Bethel, N.Y., 500,000 concert-goers are all singing along to the likes of Santana and Creedence Clearwater Revival. You can feel the passion, the love and the purpose in the air. Woodstock was not just about music, it was a rare time in our nation’s history where young people joined together for “3 days...

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